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In response to ‘The Baddy’s ferocious request for a rematch,’ Jared Gordon pokes fun at Paddy Pimblett’s claims of injury by saying, “He knows I won.”


After a successful ankle operation, unranked lightweight contender Paddy Pimblett will soon be able to fight again. Recently, “The Baddy” blamed the injury for his subpar performance at UFC 282, where he controversially defeated Jared Gordon by majority decision.
After learning of Pimblett’s remarks, Gordon tweeted his response, saying: “Funny thing is heading into this bout I also had an ankle issue, documented by UFC. After our argument, I was unable to walk for weeks as well. I understand his rage. He is aware that I triumphed. Similar to the rest of the globe…”

All three judges evaluated the fight differently, despite the fact that many spectators and competitors believed Jared Gordon accomplished enough to cause Paddy Pimblett to suffer his first UFC defeat. “The Baddy” insisted that he had won the fight, but he subsequently acknowledged that Nate Diaz and Joe Rogan’s criticism of him bothered him: “I don’t care what most armchair critics think, to be honest. I’m not bothered about that. When professionals like Joe Rogan and Nate Diaz say that you aren’t winning, that’s when you think, “fking hl,” but I don’t care what people who are sitting in their armchairs say on my YouTube and Instagram. Actual professionals believed I had lost.

He stated that he is willing to face Gordon again even though Pimblett is still out recovering from ankle surgery. At UFC Fight Night 222 next month, the latter is scheduled to take on Bobby Green.

Paddy Pimblett’s return: What did ‘The Baddy’ say about Jared Gordon?

Paddy Pimblett has stated that he wants to compete against Jared Gordon when he makes a comeback while he is recuperating from surgery. The lightweight candidate said, speaking from his sick bed:

“Toward the end of the year, I want to hit him in the head. I’ll return it the way I came. I’ll snap Bobby Green’s arm for him in a round, so I hope he defeats him. I boxed him, and I still prevailed because you’re st. “I really hope he sees this. You are absolute dog st. You couldn’t defeat me at my worst if you tried. You couldn’t defeat me on my worst day because I was hurt, and I beat you on your best because you’re a little bum.

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