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In the midst of ongoing allegations of drug cheating, boxer Conor Benn has revealed that he came dangerously close to taking his own life. “I’ve never felt shame like it”, he says.


“Conor Benn has opened up about the intense struggles he experienced during his long-running campaign to clear his name of allegations of steroid usage,” said Benn. The 27-year-old boxer has been working hard to establish his own fighting history. He is the son of the renowned boxer Nigel Benn.

When the young Benn was subjected to tests administered by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) in July and September of 2022, respectively, he had tested positive for the performance-enhancing substance (PED)/steroid known as clomifene. As a consequence of this, his long-awaited fight against his former adversary Chris Eubank Jr. was unsuccessful.

Following Conor Benn’s inability to pass the drug test, he was punished with a suspension, which was eventually removed in July of 2023. In spite of this, the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) and the United Kingdom Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD) lodged appeals against the removal of the ban, which resulted in the suspension being reinstated.

While this is going on, Benn, who has a professional boxing record of 22-0, has maintained his innocence and has stated that the charges that have been made against him have prevented him from boxing in the United Kingdom.

The allegations against Conor Benn were a big topic of discussion in the most recent episode of The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. Helwani hosted the boxer on the podcast, and the allegations were discussed. It is noteworthy that Benn said that he came dangerously close to losing his life when he was fighting to prove his innocence.

It was brought to the attention of the boxer that his father had been staying with him “for a total of six months.” Benn said that after his father departed, he was with his wife and son, and he came dangerously close to taking his own life because he came to the conclusion that he was unable to deal with the accusations and reprimands.

It was implied in “The Destroyer” that he “went to the location” in order to carry out the act of self-harm, which described the degree to which he had come to the point of committing himself. According to Benn:

Conor Benn is a boxer and a fighter, and I am aware of the fact that I am both of these things. I am, nevertheless, a human being. Consequently, it was, yes, for me. There was a day when I would get very near. In addition, there were instances in which I went to appear on a television show. There was one instance in which I did this. Also, my wife was crying as we were on our way there. While she was in the car, she suddenly started crying and said, “There was a time when you weren’t answering your phone, and I thought you had committed suicide.” To put it simply, it is evidence of how terrible I was. It wasn’t until much later that I realized how awful I was doing, but I was having a hard time.

He went on to say:

“There is no way to get ready for this. You have no right to order anyone to handle this situation. Despite the fact that I have never done it, I have never before experienced humiliation on such a level. In the gym, I could go for a walk. I was free to go wherever I wanted. You should know that I have triumphed over that now. It is obvious that now you should focus on the bright side… I now have made it through it. On the other hand, I have definitely been through hell and back.

Conor Benn gets into heated confrontation with next opponent

In a fight that took place in the United States of America in September 2023, Conor Benn made his return to the ring after a sabbatical that lasted for more than a year. He won the fight against Rodolfo Orozco by way of a unanimous decision. At the moment, the unbeaten Peter Dobson is slated to compete against the welterweight star from the United Kingdom on February 3, 2024 in Las Vegas.

The fight between Conor Benn and Peter Dobson is scheduled to be the main event of the Matchroom Boxing fight card. The athletes, who had been friendly with one another before to their boxing match, engaged in a violent verbal argument during a face-off session that was taking place before their fight. The following is what Benn had to say in response to his opponent’s alleged inability to control his shaking:

“Stop trembling!…” Look at you, you’re trembling like a f* you should stop shaking like a f* p*. You are trembling because you are overcome with fear, guy… There would be no fight if I were to do what I wanted to do right now because I would be jailed and there would be no fight.

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