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In the event of a prospective battle, Johan Ghazali acknowledges that the chances of him defeating idol Rodtang “may be slim,” but he is willing to take the fight.


Despite the fact that Johan Ghazali, a phenom in the sport of Muay Thai, is aware that his odds of defeating Rodtang Jitmuangnon, his idol, in a title fight at this point in time are extremely low, he is eager to accept the challenge whenever it is presented to him.

After ‘Jojo’ impressively raided the ONE flyweight Muay Thai division in his first five battles in the promotion this year, the prospect of the two engaging in a high-stakes fight has elevated to the level of a high probability.

Rodtang, who has been the undisputed champion of the flyweight Muay Thai class for a very long time, is now being considered by some to be a formidable adversary by Johan Ghazali.

As part of the post-fight interview session that took place after his most recent victory, which took place at ONE Fight Night 17 on Prime Video the previous week, the American-Malaysian fighter discussed his opinions on the possibility of a bout with Rodtang at this stage in his career, offering the following:

Sincerely, I would engage in combat. I am able to fight. I may have a low probability of winning, but I will fight nevertheless.
Follow the link below to read what he had to say:

By knocking out Mexican Edgar Tabares in just 36 seconds at ONE Fight Night 17, Ghazali was able to win his fifth consecutive fight in the organization. This victory was his fifth consecutive victory in as many contests.

His outstanding performance, which began with four victories of the highest caliber in the ONE Friday Fights series that took place every week this year, was continued with this victory.

Customers in North America who have Prime Video subscriptions can watch the replay of ONE Fight Night 17 whenever they want, free of charge.

Johan Ghazali says he is only getting started

Despite the fact that he is already excellent at the age of 17, Johan Ghazali has stated that he has not yet reached his full potential and that he is only beginning his career.

In the wake of yet another great performance and victory at ONE Fight Night 17 on Prime Video on December 8, he provided this information. In that fight, he knocked out Edgar Tabares, a Mexican fighter, in just 36 seconds.

During the press conference that took place after the fight, ‘Jojo’ hinted that he is only just beginning to scratch the surface of his true potential at this time.

As Ghazali put it:

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been there from the very beginning. To everyone who is just beginning to get to know me, I wanted to express my gratitude. I am grateful to you everyone, regardless of where you are. I would appreciate it if you would continue to show your support for me because this is just the beginning. Thank you very much.

After his outstanding performance in the Friday Fights series, Ghazali was able to secure a contract for $100,000, which allowed him to compete in his first main event for the organization, which was ONE Fight Night 17.

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