In reference to the world title opportunity that he had against Superlek at ONE Fight Night 8, Danial Williams said, “It was wicked.”

In the previous year, the Australian-Thai fighter Danial Williams took full advantage of the opportunity to compete against Superlek Kiatmoo9 for the world title in the flyweight division of kickboxing. Despite the fact that he was ultimately defeated by knockout, he did not feel any remorse for accepting the challenge.

After the initial opponent, Rodtang Jitmuangnon, was forced to withdraw from ONE Fight Night 8 due to an injury, “Mini T” stepped in as a replacement opponent to fight Superlek. This fight took place in March of the previous year. He had no reservations about going into action against one of the best strikers in the world, despite the fact that he had just a limited amount of time to prepare.

As part of an interview with Cageside Press, Danial Williams reflected on the circumstances surrounding his encounter with Superlek and the emotions he experienced during the actual bout, saying:

“It was weird, it was like winning the lottery because I’m just like, ‘Yeah, Superlek.’ It was a Superlek chance. When I was telling my girlfriend the other day, “I want to f*g fight him,” I said, “I reckon if I saw his last two fights, I might have thought a little bit differently about that decision.” I was referring to the fact that I would have chosen to fight him. In addition, I can still vividly recall being in the ring when the round began; it was a vicious one.
The complete interview can be found below:

Williams, who was born and raised in Perth, not only accepted the fight against Superlek on short notice, but he also gave up a size disadvantage in the bout.

Regardless of this, he emerged victorious of the conflict. He had his moments, particularly in the early goings of the fight, but they were not enough to turn the tide in his favor before he was knocked out in the third round and conceded defeat.

Following that, he returned to the territory that he was most comfortable with and competed at the strawweight class. In October, he made a push for the world title in the kickboxing division. In spite of this, he was defeated by the champion Jonathan Di Bella through a unanimous decision.

Danial Williams returns to competing in MMA

This week, Danial Williams is scheduled to return to action in mixed martial arts (MMA), following two unsuccessful attempts at kickboxing. His comeback to action is scheduled to take place this week.

At ONE Fight Night 19, which will be shown on Prime Video on February 16 in Bangkok, Thailand, the 30-year-old Kao Sok Muay Thai/Scrappy MMA affiliate will square off against the Filipino fireball Lito Adiwang.

It will be shown live during primetime in the United States and will be free of charge for Prime Video users who are already in North America. The event will take place at the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium and will be part of a nine-offering.

Williams is back in mixed martial arts, where he has been quite successful under ONE Championship, where he has a record of 3-1 to this point.

Adiwang, who is currently riding a two-fight winning streak after recovering from a knee injury in September, will be his opponent at ONE Fight Night 19, during which he will be competing against an opponent.

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