In preparation for his defense of the world title against Felipe Lobo, two-sport king Jonathan Haggerty strengthens his mindset by remembering the phrase “mind over matter.”

The preparation for a marquee showdown is as challenging as it can be due to the high stakes involved in such a fight and the large number of eyes who will be eager to see an incredible fight between two athletes of world-class caliber.

When Jonathan Haggerty, the current ONE bantamweight kickboxing and Muay Thai world champion, faces Felipe Lobo in the main event of ONE bout Night 19 at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium on February 16, he will be in for a bout of this nature. Lobo is a dangerous opponent.

Due to the fact that it was Haggerty’s first defense of the ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world championship since he won it against the legendary Nong-O Hama via first-round knockout in April 2023, many fans consider it to be one of the most significant fights that he has ever competed in.

Through the use of Instagram, Haggerty conveyed his confidence in his chances of defeating “The Demolition Man” with a caption that was suited for a fighter of world-class excellence:

“The mindset is what differentiates the best from the rest of the pack. Mind has power over matter. And this is still undisputed.

Haggerty’s intense training for Lobo bout

Considering that Haggerty is just 26 years old and already has a great deal of experience under his belt, his work ethic is unparalleled in comparison to that of any other individual.

The Englishman is not lacking any motivation against Lobo, as seen by the fact that he is displaying a wide variety of punches and kicks.

Lobo has demonstrated a level of savagery that is unparalleled in the bantamweight kickboxing and Muay Thai divisions. As a result, he is currently listed as the fourth and third fighter in those respective divisions. His highlight-reel finish of Saemapetch Fairtex is considered to be his best performance to date.

However, Haggerty was recently seen training with Joanna Jedrzejczyk, a legend in the sport of mixed martial arts for women, and he appeared to be in the greatest shape he has ever been in.

All Prime Video customers in North America get access to ONE Fight Night 19, which is broadcast live and is completely free of charge.

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