In England, Jorge Masvidal has nefarious preparations for the Leon Edwards match.

At UFC 287, Jorge Masvidal will make his octagon comeback against Gilbert Burns in front of a Miami audience. The No. 11 middleweight revealed that his next fight would be against Leon Edwards for the welterweight championship.”Gamebred” said during the UFC 287 media day: “I never underestimate anybody that has two hands and two feet, but I also don’t stop thinking about the fact that after this battle, I’m going to England. Leon is going to get the dicker’s end of that belt, and after that, I’m going to return to this wonderful nation and protect that belt. It’s not something I don’t consider in the background, for sure, but Gilbert comes first.

Added Jorge Masvidal

“If you get rid of him convincingly, people will start to speak about how I am the only one fighting for anything. UFC is a company that sells pay-per-view events, last I looked. Except for when he competed against me, Colby never exceeded 300,000 pay-per-views in his life. No one watches Leon on pay-per-view. What, all of a sudden, are they just staging events for the sake of staging them? I don’t believe that, so as long as I show up for work on Saturday, everything else will take care of itself.

The relationship between Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards goes back to 2019. Following UFC Fight Night 147, “Gamebred” is infamous for giving the welterweight king a “three-piece and a soda.” The No. 11-ranked lightweight admitted that if he loses to Gilbert Burns at UFC 287), it might be his last fight.

Jorge Masvidal’s return: ‘Gamebred’ shares he has no interest in facing Jake Paul

Future conflict between Jorge Masvidal and Jake Paul has been suggested. “Gamebred” revealed to Karisa Maxwell of The Sporting News that he had no desire in taking on the former YouTube star, saying:

Why am I battling this person? I entered this activity for two reasons: either to compete against the best in the world or to earn as much money as I could. He does not satisfy either of those demands. So, if I were to see Jake Paul right now, would I bash him up? Yes, but in an arena where people compete for prizes? I’m a prize fighter, and he doesn’t deliver a prize in any way, shape, or form, so it really serves no purpose for me.

The social media image, according to Masvidal, is not appealing. He asserted that Paul is calling him out in an effort to improve his reputation before his UFC 287 matchup with Gilbert Burns, claiming that the former YouTube star flees when they actually meet.

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