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In an interview with Joe Rogan, Gary Brecka describes how he rescued Dana White from a threatened 10-year life expectancy. “He was about to pop,” Brecka says.


Dana White has been the driving force behind the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which has become the most successful mixed martial arts promotion in the world today. In the wake of the merger between the UFC and WWE, White has just been elevated to the post of chief executive officer of the organization. He continues to be heavily involved in every aspect of the business.

As White became aware of the significance of his health in 2022, he decided to seek the advice of Gary Brecka, a health analyst, in order to determine the length of his life expectancy.

Brecka provided an ominous diagnosis following a battery of tests, stating that White had just ten years left to live if he did not make some serious changes to his way of living.

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As a result of this, Dana White decided to make a substantial change in his way of life and to begin on a journey that would be transformative and centered on wellbeing. Most recently, Dana White, the CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), revealed his extraordinary bodily transformation. He attributed it to an 86-hour fast, which he regarded as an essential component of his newly discovered health routine.

Garry Brecka, the individual who is responsible for White’s improved approach to health and fitness, sat down with Joe Rogan, the color commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, to discuss how he was able to save White from the threat of a 10-year life expectancy.

Brecka made the following statement when appearing on Episode #2060 of The Joe Rogan Experience:

I believe that by providing him with a life expectancy, he was able to sort of legitimize it for himself and really put it in his face. One of the most amusing things is that if you go back and look at the photographs of him before… He does appear to be on the verge of falling out of his skin.

Dana White unveils remarkable transformation after 86-hour water fast

As a result of her successful completion of an 86-hour water fast, Dana White is currently relishing in a newly discovered sense of invincibility. An astounding bodily transformation was displayed by White in a video that was uploaded to X and lasted for two minutes.

Beginning the fast immediately after the conclusion of UFC 295 on November 11, White finished the rigorous routine on November 15, revealing the significant changes with outstanding before-and-after images. White continued the fast until November 15. He tweeted on social media, “I did an 86-hour water fast and I feel INCREDIBLE!” in order to describe his experience describing his experience.

While highlighting the potential health benefits, Dana White accepted the opinions of experts who said that water fasting could considerably reduce the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. The following is what White had to say about the procedure:

When you drink water for the first twenty-four hours, you are able to make use of the electrolytes that are present in the water. next that, the next day, this is the most sanitary broth that you may get. To put that into perspective, this item contains only 45 calories, less than one gram of carbohydrates, and approximately 13 grams of protein. The only thing it actually contains is protein, and it has 45 calories. These chefs will tell you that this broth is the cleanest one that is currently accessible.

“For the next two days, you have to perform this action twice daily. You consume all of your water that has electrolytes, but you could also have the broth twice a day, bone broth – the bone broth, twice a day for the next two days. That would be appropriate. You’re going to have an amazing sensation. And it goes without saying that you are doing it for the internal environment, but from the outside, you are completely shredded on this item.

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