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In a hypothetical boxing match versus Tyson Fury, Anatoly Malykhin will not ‘overestimate’ his boxing skills.


Anatoly Malykhin, a boxer who has won world championships in two different weight classes, is a master at walking the line between being cocky and being arrogant.

To begin, the Russian mauler is well aware that he is nearly unbeatable when it comes to freestyle wrestling and mixed martial arts (MMA). Malykhin, on the other hand, is capable of displaying his humility when the situation calls for it.

Malykhin stated that he will be in an evident mismatch if he competes in a boxing battle against Tyson Fury, who is the current WBC heavyweight world champion. This statement was made during an interview with ONE Championship.

Malykhin did warn, though, that Fury will be at his mercy if they compete against one another in either freestyle wrestling or mixed martial arts.

The current world champion in both the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions of ONE said:

“When it comes to boxing, of course, I do not overestimate my chances, and I am aware that I would have nothing to show against a man who has been boxing his entire life and is the undisputed heavyweight boxing champion,” she said. “I do not overestimate my chances in any other sport, either.” In the same way, he wouldn’t have much to show off against me if we were to compete in freestyle wrestling.

He added:

“Let’s put it this way – if I’m a lifelong freestyle wrestler and Tyson Fury fights me in freestyle wrestling, the same thing will happen to him that will happen to me in boxing,” I said. “Let me rephrase that: the same thing will happen to him as will happen to me in boxing.”
Malykhin is widely considered to be the most deadly knockout artist in mixed martial arts at the moment. Malykhin began his career in mixed martial arts as a wrestler; but, after joining ONE Championship in March 2021, he began to focus more on his striking skills.

Since making his promotional debut with a knockout victory against Alexandre Machado of Brazil, ‘Sladkiy’ has gone on a killing spree, knocking out Amir Aliakbari, Kirill Grishenko, Reinier de Ridder, and Arjan Bhullar en route to establishing a strong 5-0 record in ONE Championship.

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