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In a hilarious spoof of Miley Cyrus, Cris Cyborg insults Kayla Harrison and Claressa Shields by saying, “I can knock you out standing and leave you laid out there.”


Cris Cyborg, the bellator featherweight champion, has made a parody song that is directed at the professional football league athletes Kayla Harrison and Claressa Shields.

In addition to being a prelude to the prospective matchups that may arise from the merging of the rosters of the two companies, the release of the song coincides with the purchase of Bellator by the Professional Fighters League (PFL). The following words were performed by Cyborg, who imitated the pop diva Miley Cyrus’s song “Flowers:”

All of the gold has been won by me. In addition, I am only 38 years old. I am a powerful Brazilian, and I will completely subdue Kayla Harrison. Oh, I just ended up with practice, and it was such a fun experience. I was sweating down my eye, but then I recalled that I… [the chorus starts] Both taking showers and washing my hair are activities that I dislike doing. You had better be careful since I can train for hours on end. If I were to knock you out while you are standing, I would leave you lying there. Oh, I am able to punch you more effectively than she can.
After targeting Kayla Harrison, who has been successful in the lightweight category, Cris Cyborg went on to target Claressa Shields, the Undisputed Light-Middleweight Champion. Shields just re-signed a multi-year contract with the PFL in order to return to mixed martial arts. Since 2021, she has not competed in mixed martial arts (MMA), and her professional record to this point is a mixed 1-1. This is in contrast to her great boxing record, which includes 14 matches in which she has not been defeated:

Claressa Shields has only s**t the bed, and she has no shame or regret about it. Oh, you are aware that if you engage in combat with me, your nose is going to fly. Because it will reach such a great point, I will make you cry. [the chorus]”

Cris Cyborg says Amanda Nunes’s knockout loss making her a better fighter

Cris Cyborg exhibited grace and thankfulness as she pondered on the one and only loss she has experienced in her professional career since 2005.

At UFC 232, which took place on December 29, 2018, Cyborg faced off against Amanda Nunes, with the championship of the UFC featherweight division at stake. An initial barrage of attacks from Cyborg was successfully repelled by Nunes, who then responded with strong kicks and punches.

Due to the fact that both competitors were putting a great deal of effort, the fight did not even reach the minute mark. Nunes landed a strong right hand to knock Cyborg out, which brought an end to the bout. The bout, according to Cyborg, was beneficial to her development both inside and outside of the octagon.

As she put it:

“Five years flies by in such a flash. I became a better lady and a better combatant as a result of this engagement. Sometimes, in order to be the best version of yourself, you have to lose. Unbeaten for fourteen years. One minute later, there was an automobile accident. That is five years without a loss. Both the fans and the sport deserved to see #CyborgNunes2 In the next round, let’s give them #CyborgHarrison!
In addition to the highlights of the fight, you can check out her thoughts in the post that she has below:

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