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In a fantasy rematch, Superlek declares, “I will try my best” for the sake of knocking out Takeru. He is willing to put everything on the line.


After successfully defending his ONE bantamweight kickboxing world title against a formidable challenge from Takeru Segawa, Superlek Kiatmoo9 is already making preparations for a potential rematch with the Japanese phenomenon. This announcement comes more than a week after the successful defense of his title.

Superlek was able to live up to his nickname, “The Kicking Machine,” by achieving a victory by way of a unanimous decision inside the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan.

The Thai superstar remained on the offensive during the entirety of the main event of ONE 165, which lasted for five rounds. As a result of this strategy, he was able to extend his winning run to nine, adding yet another prominent character to his record of victories.

During a recent interview with the South China Morning Post, the representative of Kiatmoo9 Gym revealed that he is very open to the possibility of engaging in a rematch with the individual known as “The Natural Born Crusher.”

On the other hand, he made a fearless declaration regarding the outcome of that upcoming second encounter. The Thai celebrity, who is 28 years old, claimed:

In a rematch, I would say that I want to accomplish the goal of knocking out Takeru. But it is clear that he has become incredibly tough as a result of this struggle. To be fair, I did make an effort. In this fight, I did make an attempt to knock him out as well. It is the same with each and every person.During the fourth round, I did make an attempt to knock him out. He appeared to be in pain. In contrast, he injured me during the third round. However, by the fourth round, I could sense that it was losing some of its force. On the other hand, I believe that I will give it my all the next time.

The complete interview can be found below:

With this most recent victory, Superlek’s record in the ONE Championship has increased to 13 wins and only one loss, solidifying his position as one of the most accomplished strikers in the world in terms of pound-for-pound competition at the present time.

Superlek showed incredible heart and championship experience during Takeru fight

Superlek not only demonstrated that he is one of the most skilled striking maestros in the world, but he also demonstrated the great heart of a champion by surviving the onslaught of Takeru in the third round of their super showdown, which left him in a position where he was in a lot of difficulty.

It was a tremendous blow to the body that Takeru delivered to Superlek, which caused him to be shocked and allowed him to become susceptible.

Superlek was able to survive and make it out of the round before making it one-way traffic in the championship stanzas. This was despite the fact that the previous three-division K1 champion pounded the defending world champion with severe combinations.

The replay of ONE 165 can be accessed by fans all over the world at watch.onefc.com.

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