Streaming and YouTube are highly important to Demetrious Johnson, and he takes them very seriously: “I upgraded to a camera capable of shooting movies.”

One of the most gifted and successful mixed martial artists in history is “Mighty Mouse” Demetrious Johnson, who currently holds the title of ONE Flyweight Mixed Martial Arts World Champion and is known as an all-around legend.

Is there a possibility that Johnson would pursue a different line of work once the ring ring dust has settled on his career and all has been said and done? The 37-year-old legend gives the impression that this is the case.

Johnson is a devoted YouTuber and streamer of video games, and over the course of the past several years, he’s put a significant amount of effort into honing his skill. To tell you the truth, Johnson’s articles just keep getting better and better as time goes on.

During a recent appearance as a guest on The MMA Hour, he relayed the following information to seasoned journalist Ariel Helwani:

One of the things that Warren Buffet has always stressed is the need of making an investment in one’s own person. As for me, I’ve always had a soft spot for photography and filmmaking. Therefore, I went out and purchased a camera with cinematic capabilities, the Sony FX3.”

Johnson, who is not ashamed to admit that he is a huge geek when it comes to technology, has put in a lot of work to improve his content game. He continued:

“The Logitech T3, much like this camera right here, is not a really nice camera. For example, I have a Sony Alpha 6300, which is an excellent camera. However, it is connected to my computer, and as far as my YouTube channel and other online endeavors are concerned, this is where all the action takes place, so to speak. This studio is the location of all of my creative endeavors. I have another one being constructed right now, you know, just a few of doors down from where you are.”
Is it possible that Johnson may one day follow in the footsteps of Mr. Beast and become a hugely popular internet personality? That is not impossible.

In the meanwhile, Johnson maintains his title as the reigning ONE flyweight mixed martial arts world champion, and it is anticipated that he will return to the Circle before the year is up.

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