Ilia Topuria calls out, and Brian Ortega says, “You can’t use your mouth to come up here.”

Ilia Topuria, a rising undefeated fighter with an impressive record of 13 victories, and Brian Ortega, a former UFC featherweight title challenger, appear to have some hostility.El Matador, who believes Ortega to be one of the top fighters in the featherweight division, has stated his desire to confront Ortega.But Ortega is uninterested in the idea of going up against a young, relatively inexperienced foe. In fact, he has said things that imply Ilia Topuria must establish himself before ever being thought of as a worthy opponent. The likelihood that these two fighters will finally square off in the octagon is uncertain, but the animosity between them is unquestionably rising.

T City said in an interview with MMA journalist The Schmo:

“I can see it now, people like Ilia Topuria continuously calling me out. If necessary, I’ll be happy to humble someone, and once they’re on their way up to where I am, you are welcome to come and join me.
He went on to say:

You can’t just come up here with your lips, you know. You can only accomplish so much with the mouth in the fighting world, so you’re going to have to fight this time.

With a record of fifteen victories and three losses, Ortega is presently rated third among featherweight fighters. The 32-year-old has only won one fight since defeating Frankie Edgar at UFC 222 in March 2018.

Bryce Mitchell recounts his UFC 282 loss against Ilia Topuria

The No. 11-ranked featherweight in the world, Bryce Mitchell, lost to Ilia Topuria at UFC 282. Mitchell recently said that he should not have accepted the fight because he was unwell at the time. This information implies that Mitchell wasn’t performing at his peak during the fight and might have changed his strategy had he been in better physical condition.

The Arkansas native said in an interview with well-known MMA journalist James Lynch:

I’m really really mad at life right now, so I have a lot of rage, resentment, hatred, guilt, and the want to jump in there and just fck sht up. Simply put, I was really ill. I should not have entered the fight, but there is nothing I can do to change that. The whole thing simply irritates me, so if anything, it irritated me even more than before.

He went on to say:

“You really need to get your a** beat to reach the level of rage I’m at. Once you’ve been kicked in the a**, you reach a whole new level of rage, annoyance, and motivation. The sport allegedly has highs and lows. The low, nevertheless, is really low and is unattainable in normal life.

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