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If so, when will Francis Ngannou rejoin the UFC? Dana White is called out by Chael Sonnen.


Recently, Chael Sonnen offered his opinion on Francis Ngannou’s prospective UFC comeback. After contract negotiations that lasted more than a year, Ngannou left the promotion earlier this year due to an inability to reach an agreement.Since then, “The Predator” has asserted to be in discussions with several MMA promotions as well as planning fights with Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. In the meantime, Dana White ruled out Ngannou joining his company during the UFC 285 post-fight press conference.Chael Sonnen, though, is of the opinion that we shouldn’t accept the UFC president’s remarks at face value. The American Gangster claims that White’s decision to prevent Ngannou from possibly returning is just another negotiation tactic. According to the 46-year-old’s YouTube channel:

“I believe Francis may still return to the UFC if he has the necessary proof. That is my opinion. You won’t need to correct me and say, “No Dana said they’ll never talk to him,” I beg of you. Look, everything is a negotiation. Every time one guy talks about it, the negotiation is taking place. Dana is still negotiating if he is still there and saying you, “No, we’re not interested, and we won’t work with him.”Dave Feldman, the president of BKFC, reportedly referred to Ngannou’s expectations as “unrealistic” when discussing discussions with the former UFC champion. Sonnen recommended that in light of Feldman’s remarks, “The Predator” should wake up and get in touch with Dana White again.

Francis Ngannou responds to Dana White shutting down potential UFC return

Francis Ngannou initially demanded a clause in the extension of his UFC contract allowing him to participate in a crossover boxing match, but the contract negotiations ultimately failed due to numerous other demands from “The Predator” regarding fighter pay, healthcare, sponsorship, etc.

Ngannou, 36, responded to White’s remarks by saying: “Hey, I don’t care what Dana White say. That was my call, not his call. So, he has to make his own amends with that. I made my amends, I’m good so wish him to do the same.” Although Dana White dismissed the idea of Ngannou possibly returning to the UFC, the Cameroonian doesn’t seem to be concerned about that.

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