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Ian Garry explains why he would like to battle “the Usman’s and the Colby’s” for the UFC title rather than Leon Edwards for the championship of the organization.


Ian Garry, a rising star at welterweight in the UFC, has discussed the reasons why he would rather defend his championship against fighters like Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington than against guys like Leon Edwards.

Garry discussed his plans for the future in the welterweight division of the UFC in a conversation that took place not too long ago with TMZ Sports. The Irishman called out Stephen Thompson for about as he wants to show himself against one of the top attackers in the league and is coming off of a convincing victory over Neil Magny.

When asked about the next step in his career trajectory after a bout with Thompson, Garry stated that he would like to compete against fighters of the caliber of Usman and Covington. In his words:

“After that, I begin to battle the grapplers, and after that, I begin to battle the wrestlers. I will fight the Usmans, I will fight the Colbys, and I will be approved to compete against two of the finest fighters in the division. “I want to fight both of those guys, and I want to prove to them that I can easily defeat both of them on the feet, in wrestling, and in grappling; it doesn’t matter what it is, I’m good at it all.”
Garry continued by saying that he believes it would be to his advantage to train with the current UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards rather than to compete against him. He said:

“I see right now more advantage in being able to drive up to Birmingham two and a half hours and learn, grow, and train alongside Leon than I do thinking of Leon as an opponent,” said the athlete. “I see right now more advantage in being able to train alongside Leon than I do thinking of Leon as an opponent.”

Stephen Thompson explains why he won’t fight Ian Garry

“Wonderboy,” on the other hand, doesn’t appear to have any interest in facing the Irishman, despite the fact that Ian Garry appears to be keen to battle Stephen Thompson in his next bout. While discussing the same topic in an interview with talkSPORT, Thomson responded to being challenged by Garry and stated why he does not see the need in fighting him. Garry challenged Thomson to a fight.

Expansion of a Tweet

Thompson made the following statement while implying that he would rather to face Kamaru Usman in an effort to make one more shot at the belt rather than fight Garry:

“Ian gave a fantastic performance. Indeed, he singled me out… You should know that he is making his way up the ranks, and at this point, I do not want to act as a gatekeeper. My attention right now is directed toward Kamaru Usman, a former champion who was rated number one for a significant amount of time, who has also just called me out to a fight. That battle makes sense, especially for someone like myself who is forty years old and wants to go for one more crack at the crown.

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