“I won’t stop training,” said Thanh Le, who is getting ready for a rapid turnaround before his title unification showdown with Tang Kai.

Fighter Thanh Le, who holds dual citizenship in the United States and Vietnam, is attempting to schedule a rematch with Tang Kai, the current ONE featherweight MMA world champion, as soon as is humanly possible. He stated that he would not mind having a quick turnaround in order to get his revenge on the renowned Chinese boxer.

The native of New Orleans, who is now 38 years old, made this public after his spectacular victory at ONE Fight Night 15, which was shown on Prime Video. There, on October 6th, he won the interim ONE featherweight MMA world title by submitting Ilya Freymanov of Russia. This victory allowed him to take the belt.

Thanh Le emphasized that a unification fight against Tang Kai should now be next for him, and he said the following:

It goes without saying that I’m going to reevaluate everything after I’ve had some time to relax with my loved ones. I am not going to stop working out. Since we’ve got an ugly, horrible, nasty, unfinished battle on our hands, we’ll go to work on scheduling a rematch with Tang Kai, and I’ll be getting my actual belt back and doing round six. This is because we’ve got a fight that has to be done. But, sure, I can’t wait to go back in there, and it goes without saying that he’s an extremely good player. When the time comes, we’ll explain everything to you, since the conflict is going to play out a little bit differently.”
Have a look at the post-event interview that has been provided below:

In August of the previous year, Thanh Le competed against Tang Kai in a very intense matchup. The former competitor, on the other hand, ended up losing the match by a unanimous decision and, as a result, surrendered their hold on the ONE featherweight MMA world title.

Since then, he has been working toward the goal of reengaging with the 27-year-old pride of Shaoyang in order to finally resolve what he considers to be an unfinished business. Due to the fact that Tang Kai is unable to compete at the present due to a knee injury, ONE is going to have to stage a bout for an interim championship in the featherweight class.

Thanh Le fired a warning shot that he is back in his first bout since losing the featherweight gold at ONE Fight Night 15 at the famous Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. He made short work of Freymanov, who had been on a run prior to this fight, and he won the fight convincingly. Through the use of a heel hook, he won the match a little over a minute into the five-round bout that was due to take place.

On the official ONE Championship YouTube page, you can watch the replay of ONE Fight Night 15.

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