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“I will go ahead and sour the night,” Michael Chandler assures Conor McGregor that he will shatter any hopes of a “comeback” tale that may have been circulating about him when they fight.


Conor McGregor, a superstar in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), is anticipated to make his long-awaited comeback to action this year against Michael Chandler, the fifth-ranked lightweight.

The two fighters were set to compete against each other after mentoring teams that were competing against each other on the most recent episode of The Ultimate Fighter. Despite the fact that their fight did not take place the previous year, it is possible that it will take place this year at a weight of 185 pounds, which is considered to be middleweight. This is according to the announcement made by McGregor.

A preview of the fight was posted on Chandler’s YouTube account, where he ridiculed the idea that size would be an advantage. He also made a promise to spoil the Irishman’s comeback attempts:

He is not going to be able to beat me. My blows are more powerful than his. The fact that we are roughly within three to five pounds of each other means that I do not have any concerns regarding our respective sizes in this fight. I will continue to be the same guy, with my foot on the gas, attempting to put a stop to the fight at each and every occasion, and finally putting an end to his reign as the Conor McGregor that we are familiar with. Despite the fact that a great number of people have lost trust in him, there are still a great number of believers who are eager to witness his return. I shall, however, go ahead and put a damper on the evening of June 29.

In addition, “Iron” responded to the memes that were going around the internet depicting the combatants as being overweight and out of shape

Each of us is a trained professional. Regardless of whether the battle is at 185 pounds, 170 pounds, or 155 pounds, I am going to be the same guy right here because I do not believe that size is an advantage. Conor is not more powerful than I am, nor is he more substantial than I am… Soon, we shall have the answer. McGregor vs Chandler, the greatest comeback in the history of sports, is scheduled to take place on June 29 at International Fight Week in Las Vegas. He claims that we are going to ruin the night.

Matt Brown believes Conor McGregor has no motivation and will not do “anything significant ever again”

Matt Brown, a veteran of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), expressed his opinion on the anticipated return of Conor McGregor in an episode of the Fighter vs. Writer podcast that is produced by MMA Fighting.

Brown is of the opinion that McGregor’s commercial fortune and financial security do not compel him to fight, and that he does not have a chance to return to the title contention:

He has no reason to engage in combat. What is the function that it serves for him? There is no way that he will return to a title. There is no way that he will ever again engage in any important activity. He has a bank account that is worth $500 million. For the sake of fighting someone like Chandler, what is a few million dollars? What exactly is he going to expect from that? That is the same as if I were to give you ten dollars… It is not even going to affect your day, but it will transform your life regardless.

Only time will tell whether Conor McGregor’s return goes according to plan or whether the superstar has already reached the pinnacle of his career.

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