“I need to see some action with my left hand,” Sean O’Malley says, predicting that Marlon Vera will suffer a terrible destiny in the rematch at UFC 299.

Since he won the bantamweight championship of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) over Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292, Sean O’Malley will be putting his title on the line for the very first time at UFC 299.

On March 9, at the Kaseya Center in Miami, the main event will feature O’Malley competing against Marlon Vera, who is a prior opponent of his. O’Malley discussed his upcoming fight and his decision to attempt something different by knocking out Vera with his hand that is not his dominant hand during an episode of the TimboSugarShow that was uploaded to his YouTube channel with the same name.

It was him who said:

“We could be on the jet right now, flying back five weeks from now with another ruby under my belt, another highlight reel for the highlight reel,” she said. Could you tell me what I’ve been thinking as well? My right hand has been receiving a lot of attention, and people have been saying things like, “Oh my God, your right hand is so amazing, can I touch it, can I see it?” My left hand, on the other hand, needs them to do something. As a result, I’m going to – well, we’ll see how I’m feeling on March 9th. On the other hand, I might f* lady one of these suckers on him to force him to truly simply turn off his lights. Let’s wait and see.”

According to O’Malley, he desired for the conflict to escalate into a war, despite the fact that he possesses the capacity to bring a stop to the conflict early and “make it look easy.”

On the other hand, I am very certain that it will be a war. I have a feeling that this battle is not going to be an easy one. Is it possible for me to make it appear simple? Are you aware of what I mean when I say one hundred percent? The fight is going to be a f*g war, and it will take place in Miami in twenty-five minutes. “Let’s get it, let’s go,” she said as she walked out of the room, hardly holding her breath.

Ryan Garcia takes a dig at Sean O’Malley, reignites feud

In response to a fan’s provocation, boxing superstar Ryan Garcia recently made a remark that was critical of Sean O’Malley’s boxing ability.

Garcia stated in a post on Instagram that he believed ‘Sugar’ would not be able to compete with him in a boxing match:

“Sean O’Malley couldn’t hold my gym bag let alone be able to box with me”

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In the past, the two combatants have also come into contact with one another and have shared their thoughts with one another. On the podcast hosted by Logan Paul, O’Malley has hinted at the possibility of a crossover bout between the two. He made the statement that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) would not be opposed to the concept of promoting a bout if they continued on their current path:

“Yes, that is exactly what I think! The Ultimate Fighting Championship is all about making money, so we need to keep doing what we’re doing, keep winning, and grow to a size that’s big enough. I am the fking man, and there is another fking man in boxing, so the Ultimate Fighting Championship would be looking for me if the opportunity presented itself five or six years from now. They would be down, but the space must be sufficient for them to do so.

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