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“I don’t want to do this sh*t anymore,” Conor McGregor said when he decided to stop fighting before being called up to the UFC.


The unfortunate event that occurred to one of Conor McGregor’s friends nearly caused him to retire from the sport of mixed martial arts before he was called up to compete for the UFC.

From very poor beginnings, “The Notorious” began his career as a plumber in order to earn some money before transitioning into mixed martial arts (MMA) on a full-time basis. His success in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) brought him a lot of glitz and glamor, but before that, he was struggling to make ends meet by working for minimum money.

On the occasion of an old interview, McGregor was questioned about whether or not he recalls getting called up, and his response was as follows:

“I am able to recall this because we received some very unfortunate news about a buddy of mine who was no longer able to compete. I was thinking to myself, “You know what, I’m going to f**k this game.” I don’t want to continue doing this idiotic thing. How am I going to handle this situation if anything happens to me that makes it impossible for me to continue? Therefore, I had packed it in once more, and I had packed it in once more, although it had only been a few of weeks.
The Irishman continued by saying that he had retired from training for a period of time and was only teaching boxing at the gym when he received a phone call asking him how he felt about making his debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in nine weeks.

Conor McGregor reacts to Michael Chandler’s claim that there is no power difference between the two

In a video that was uploaded to YouTube not so long ago, Michael Chandler addressed the rumors that he will fight Conor McGregor. In addition to addressing concerns over the disparity in power between the two fighters, he discussed the supposed weight of 185 pounds, which was brought up by his opponent.

McGregor is not stronger than Chandler, and even if he were to weigh 185 pounds, he would not be stronger than Chandler, according to Chandler.

By way of X, “The Notorious” provided a response to the comments:

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After that, he tweeted:

“Lifting belts > Lifting weights”

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This was Chandler’s comment to the same video, in which he also mentioned that there is no video of McGregor lifting really high weights on the internet. This is another reason why Chandler believes that his Irish opponent is not stronger than him.

It is general knowledge in the world of boxing that when a boxer takes on more weight, they pack more power in their punches. This is the reason why heavyweights have such terrifying knockout power for their opponents.

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