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How long will Andrew Tate be in jail? What we know about his extended detention


Accusations of rape and human trafficking have led to the detention of Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan in Romania.

The former kickboxer, who gained notoriety for his repulsive remarks on a range of subjects, was detained in late December along with his brother and two other Romanian ladies.
The brothers were initially detained for 24 hours, but the court accepted Romanian officials’ request for a 30-day extension. Since then, Andrew Tate’s incarceration has been increased by 30 days thanks to two similar pleas that were granted one after the other. Tate’s team has repeatedly lost appeals made in opposition to the extensions.

Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu, two Romanian women connected to Tate, were recently ordered back into custody after being released from custody for house arrest the week prior. Tate’s prolonged imprisonment had previously been defended by the Romanian court using the argument that the defendant posed a flight risk and had the power to sway potential victims. Despite the removal of the aforementioned grounds, the court more recently asserted that the brothers should continue to be detained in order to preserve public order.

After the disclosure of a lung lesion in leaked medical files from Dubai, Andrew Tate recently refuted cancer allegations as well.

Andrew Tate’s lawyer provides update on potential timeline of his detention

Tina Glandian, who has previously dealt with controversial figures including Mike Tyson and Kanye West, has recently joined the legal team representing Andrew Tate.

Glandian claims that Tate’s arrest has persisted in Romania despite no charges having been brought against him and despite no fresh evidence being offered.

According to Glandian, Tate’s custody can be prolonged for a maximum of 180 days without any charges being brought, only on the basis of the investigation. On Fox News, the respected attorney recently stated:

“The Tate brothers were taken into custody at the end of December; their first detention was for 24 hours, but the prosecution later requested and was granted a 30-day extension. They also requested a second 30-day extension last month, which was granted, and most recently, that was extended once again, this time to the end of March. Additionally, they may prolong their arrest for up to 180 days without formally accusing them of any crimes. Hence, they are being held while a criminal investigation is proceeding.” credit: Sportskeeda
Andrew Tate was held in December after his arrest, and it appears that he will remain there until June as Romanian officials look into the accusations made against him.

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