How is Andrew Tate tweeting from jail? Lawyer clears up confusionĀ 

Late last year, Romanian officials apprehended Andrew Tate and his brother Tristian on suspicion of rape, human trafficking, and other serious offences. The brothers’ jail period, which has been increased thrice since their detention, is still being served by them. Yet, “Top G” still interacts with his followers on social media, particularly Twitter.

Tate’s consistent tweeting has drawn attention given his current circumstance behind bars and lack of access to the internet, smartphones, or computers. Tate’s attorney, Tina Glandian, recently clarified the mystery of how the 36-year-old has been tweeting while imprisoned.

Glandian emphasised that Andrew Tate did not publish anything personally in a recent interview with Patrick Bet-David and provided some information regarding the Tate brothers’ prison lives:

“They don’t have access to social media or Twitter. Individuals have limited access to recorded phone calls while in a detention cell. They are not sharing anything themselves because they do not have access to social media.”

Since December 29, 2022, Andrew Tate has been imprisoned and is still there while his case is being heard. The brothers were sentenced to 30 days of mandatory legal custody, which was twice extended by an additional 30 days.

Andrew Tate updates: ‘Top G’ proposes new TV show idea of him judging men and women in relationships

Although Andrew Tate is in custody, it appears that he is not lounging around in his cell. The extremely contentious internet personality has developed a fresh concept for a broadcast reality programme while he waits for his trial.

The self-proclaimed trillionaire recently disclosed that he is thinking of taking on the role of a judge in a show that is comparable to the well-known American court programme Judge Judy. The ex-kickboxer claimed that the script’s original twist involved his passing judgement while a pair presents their arguments.

As already mentioned, Andrew Tate is still active on social media. He recently tweeted about his new reality programme concept, writing:

“I’m thinking about establishing a Judge Judy-style programme that offers relationship advice. The arguments will be presented to me by a guy and a woman. I will determine who was correct and who was incorrect. only at Do you plan to watch it?”
The Tate brothers’ mandated detention sentence has been extended three times, and a request for their release earlier this month was turned down. They still insist on being innocent.

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