How does one perform a ninja choke? At UFC Vegas 77, Mayra Bueno Silva successfully submitted Holly Holm with a smooth lockup to take home the victory.

The ninja choke submission that Mayra Bueno Silva utilized to win her fight against Holly Holm at UFC Vegas 77 is gaining popularity on various social media platforms. Bueno Silva is a former bantamweight champion.

The Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) purple belt secured a chokehold on his opponent during the second round of the main event of UFC Vegas 77. With this victory, the purple belt now has three consecutive submission victories to his credit.

The ninja choke was first used in gi jiu-jitsu, where a BJJ player would utilize their opponent’s lapel to choke them. This is where the technique got its name. However, the choke has been adapted to be utilized in No-Gi BJJ as well, and BJJ black belt Joe Rogan has referred to it as a “rear-naked choke from the front.”

It would seem that the choke is a hybrid of a guillotine and a d’arce choke if anything else. It’s interesting to note that the commentary team at UFC Vegas 77 first called the submission a “standing guillotine choke.”

Take a look at the video of the entry down below:

Spinnin Backfist
MAYRA BUENO SILVA used a ninja choke to submit Holly Holm at #UFCVegas77. The fight was won by Spinnin Backfist (@SpinninBackfist).

Mayra Bueno Silva is currently riding a winning streak of four matches and is eyeing a shot at the world crown. During the news conference that she held after the bout, she was notified of a callout that had been made by the previous champion Julianna Pena. Her response was as follows:

“She’s frightened. She makes you laugh. Okay, I love you Julianna but I will smash you. I am going to destroy you… Take a look at how she fights. Oh Julianna, shut up.”

Claudia Gadelha demonstrates a ninja choke following Mayra Bueno Silva’s superb win at UFC Vegas 77

After taking home her fourth consecutive victory at UFC Vegas 77, Mayra Bueno Silva has undeniably captured the attention of the women’s bantamweight competition.

Holly Holm, a previous champion, was the opponent for the Brazilian fighter, Silva. In the second round, Silva was able to obtain a tight ninja choke on Holm, which ultimately led to Holm tapping out.

Claudia Gadelha, a former contender for the UFC championship belt, put MMA journalist Nina-Marie Daniele in a headlock and demonstrated how to execute a ninja choke on her after yesterday’s event came to a close.

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