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How did Jon Jones lose to Matt Hamill? Find out why ‘Bones’ has an L despite never being KO’d or outscored


The hype surrounding a Jon Jones fight is always very high, but the upcoming UFC 285 matchup with Ciryl Gane has a certain air of mystery and intrigue. For more than a decade, Jones dominated the light heavyweight class. This weekend, Jones will challenge Gane for the vacant heavyweight title.

In the process of competing against some of the best fighters in the 205-pound class, Jones amassed an unheard-of record. He has beaten well-known opponents like Daniel Cormier, Vitor Belfort, and Alexander Gustafsson, but his record still has one blemish: a loss to Matt Hamill in 2009 that was annulled.

The fact that Jon Jones lost his career is now generally known. In defiance of the unified rules of mixed martial arts, “Bones” chose to unleash repeated 12-6 elbows on a downed opponent after crushing Matt Hamill in their match on The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights Finals. In the 12-6 elbow strike, the opponent is struck with the tip of the elbow after raising it and dropping it straight down.

The fight resumed after Jon Jones was swiftly docked a point, but Hamill was unable to take part because of a dislocated shoulder. Jones won the fight until the terrible conclusion, but was disqualified for using 12-6 elbows because Hamill was unable to continue.

Jones has compiled a record of 26 victories, 1 loss, and 1 no-contest in 28 professional fights. Jones defeated Daniel Cormier in the rematch at UFC 214 by knockout, although he later tested positive for a prohibited substance. The match was ruled a no-contest, and Jones lost his title as a result.

What did Dana White say regarding the only loss Jon Jones has on his UFC record against Matt Hamill?

The Matt Hamill vs. Jon Jones match ended in a letdown when “The Hammer” was unable to continue due to a dislocated shoulder. Before that, Jones was penalised a point for repeatedly using 12-6 elbows that are not allowed in mixed martial arts.

Dana White, the president of the UFC, believes that Jones should have an unblemished record. Jon Jones had a perfect 9-0 record up to that date. His third match took place under the UFC’s auspices.

Following UFC on Versus 1, White addressed the media. He said:

“That wasn’t supposed to happen. It shouldn’t have happened, It’s unfortunate because he shouldn’t have dropped. You have a point; it was a downward elbow. Hamill’s shoulder injury prevented him from continuing. The elbow has nothing to do with it.”
White said that he had a conversation with the Nevada Athletic Commission about removing the defeat from Jones’ record. Undoubtedly, the commission rejected White’s request, and Jones had to take the loss against Matt Hammil on his record.

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