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“He’s a puppet” – Jake and Logan Paul join forces to demonstrate that they are utilizing Dillon Danis’ never-ending personal assaults as a means to gain money.


There aren’t many people who have a greater grasp on the intricacies of social media exposure and marketing than Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul. The two online celebrities recently gave their opinions on Dillon Danis’ current trolling and collaborated to explain how his never-ending trolling is, in the end, beneficial for them.

To provide some background, The Maverick is excited to introduce Danis to the world of boxing on October 14 during the Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card event that will take place in Manchester, England. In the days leading up to the battle, “El Jefe” singled out Paul’s fiancée on social media and has been mercilessly harassing her with insulting comments. Paul’s bout is scheduled for tomorrow.

Because of the severity of Danis’s trolling, many people questioned Logan Paul’s decision to retain his quiet and not respond in kind to Danis’s harassment. Fans also focused their attention on Jake Paul and attacked ‘The Problem Child’ for not publicly defending his sibling. Several fans referred to Jake as “The Problem Child.”

The Paul brothers have just now broken their silence over the current issue surrounding their decision to remain silent. Jake Paul claimed in a tweet that he had provided online an explanation as to why his brother had chosen an inactive fighter like Dillon Danis as an opponent.

“You have to keep in mind that my brother chose this person for one reason and one reason only… Because he has an unhealthy need for attention and will do all in his power to market the fight, which will ultimately result in my brother having even more money. This is the reason why Danis does not have a backend percentage of the money produced. He is a marionette.”
A. Logan Soon after, Paul followed up with a funny video in which he imitated his younger brother’s previous contentious commercial promoting the Betr sports-betting app. Paul’s video was uploaded to YouTube. ‘The Maverick’ can be heard stating in a video that Jake sent out, and it goes like this:

“In my opinion, Jake is not at all a problematic brother. What I do believe, though, is that you need to go and get Betr.

Logan Paul lambasts Dillon Danis for repeated attacks on fiancee

Recent events prompted Logan Paul to speak out against Dillon Danis, who has been criticized for constantly attacking Logan Paul’s girlfriend, Nina Agdal, on social media.

As was said, ‘El Jefe’ has been on a mission to troll Paul by undermining the character of his girlfriend in a public forum. Paul is of the opinion that Danis is acting in this manner out of envy, despite the fact that many people view it as an extreme kind of fight promotion.

A recent interview that took place on YouTube with DAZN Boxing included Logan Paul, who responded to various tweets that were published by Dillon Danis. During the interactive portion of the event, the YouTuber-turned-WWE star noticed a tweet in which the jiu-jitsu whiz photoshopped himself while appearing on the IMPAULSIVE Podcast. Paul had this to say in response to the photo:

“He has such a strong desire to replace me. He is so full of jealousy that he is photoshopping images that include my fiancee and him together. However, I don’t feel comfortable giving this scumbag any sort of platform, and certainly not mine. Even now, I’m angry with myself for putting him in this situation where he has to battle me.

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