Henry Cejudo feels that Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya’s rivalry shouldn’t finish with UFC 287.

Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira should fight again, and Henry Cejudo recently urged the Brazilian to secure his rematch with the Kiwi who was born in Nigeria.

In their fourth encounter at UFC 287 last weekend, Adesanya triumphed over his own “boogeyman” after falling to Pereira three times in kickboxing and once in mixed martial arts. To recapture the middleweight title, “The Last Stylebender” violently knocked “Poatan” out in the second round of their fight.Israel Adesanya won the battle, and he celebrated by standing over the Brazilian and pretending to shoot arrows at him. The newly crowned middleweight champion then made fun of Pereira’s son by mimicking the cheers the youngster gave him following his kickboxing knockout loss to “Poatan” in 2017.

Henry Cejudo disagrees with the widespread opinion that the UFC should put this feud behind it. The Brazilian was recently reminded of Adesanya making fun of his son by “Triple C,” who prompted Alex Pereira to request a rematch.Henry Cejudo recently said in a video that was posted to his YouTube channel:

“I simply wanted you [Pereira] to know that you need to fight for a rematch as a brother. You cannot allow this competition to continue in this manner. With this triumph, he cannot be asking for that. especially considering that he pointed at your son and acted in such a way. You can’t just let things go down like this… As your father, I want you to come home and take care of business.

UFC 287: Israel Adesanya doesn’t want a third straight fight against Alex Pereira

When Israel Adesanya defeated Alex Pereira in the second round of their fourth combat sports match last weekend, it was possibly the most significant triumph of his career.

The Nigerian-born Kiwi recently said that he has no interest in facing Pereira again anytime soon, despite many fans speculating that the two MMA veterans will resume their long-running feud for a trilogy match.The new middleweight champion said the following in a post-fight interview with McKenzie Pavacich at UFC 287:

It’s finished now. We’ve shut it down. I’m over this nonsense. I probably have less than 20 bouts left in this game, therefore I don’t want to fight the same opponent three times in a row. I really want to battle new people and take new heads because I’m 33. In this game, that is what I hope to accomplish.Following their altercation, Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira demonstrated respect for one another and seemed to put an end to their savage rivalry. To continue his MMA career, “Poatan” is widely anticipated to go up to the light heavyweight division.

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