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“He can’t talk sh*t about us” In this interview, Arman Tsarukyan discusses the beginnings of his conflict with Bobby Green.


Recently, Arman Tsarukyan revealed the events that led to the beginning of his conflict with Bobby Green.

In the days leading up to the UFC Austin Fight Night event that took place a month ago, Tsarukyan and Green were involved in a heated argument that took place at the fighter hotel. The American posted a number of videos on his Instagram account, in which he asserted that Tsarukyan and his colleagues had assaulted him for any cause that was not immediately obvious.

After that, Green tagged ‘Ahalkalakets’ in a video in which he clarified his position and admitted to punching a man whom he assumed was affiliated with Tsarukyan. Green’s video was shared on YouTube.

On the other hand, a subsequent video emerged that showed ‘King’ leading his team to confront the Armenian-Russian boxer in the lobby of a hotel. The experienced lightweight got into a heated verbal disagreement with a member of Tsarukyan’s crew, which ultimately resulted in a physical brawl between the two of them. At precisely the moment that security intervened to separate the two teams, Green swung a punch at a member of the different squad.

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Chris Weidman and Daniel Cormier conducted an interview on YouTube not too long ago, and during the discussion, Tsarukyan provided an explanation regarding the reason behind his original altercation with Green.

“He was talking shit about me on one podcast, I believe with ‘The Schmo,’ but I still don’t recall the specifics of what he said. He was talking trash about me, and I wanted to make it clear to him that he is not allowed to talk trash about either of us. A tiny bit of a difference exists between us males.

Arman Tsarukyan finds joy in Bobby Green’s knockout loss

Most recently, Arman Tsarukyan expressed his contentment with the fact that he was present during the knockout of Bobby Green by Jalin Turner, which took place in the co-main event of UFC Austin a month ago.

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Following a particularly ineffective stoppage by referee Kerry Hatley, “King” was subjected to a vicious knockout and was subjected to a number of extra punches that were not merited. Despite the fact that the incident was met with tremendous criticism from the mixed martial arts world, Tsarukyan continues to maintain his conviction that there is nothing wrong with it.

During the same interview with Daniel Cormier and Chris Weidman, ‘Ahalkalakets’ voiced his happiness at the prospect of seeing Green suffer a devastating knockout loss:

“I was warming up, and when I saw that, I was extremely delighted. When I walked to the arena, I was extremely, extremely happy, and it was almost as if I had won that fight, you know what I mean? In addition, I went to Turner and exclaimed, “I am so grateful to you, brother.” As a result of your efforts, I am grateful.'”

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