Has Dillon Danis withdrawn from the fight against Logan Paul?The newest video from Maverick has caused widespread speculation.

A. Logan Paul is under the impression that Dillon Danis is looking into ways to back out of the upcoming boxing battle between the two of them. On October 14, at the Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card event that will take place in Manchester, England, Paul will officially welcome Danis into the world of boxing.

Recently, ‘The Maverick’ posted a video on social media in which he responded to Danis’ previous comments about the possibility of being sued by Paul’s fiancee, Nina Agdal, and criticized ‘El Jefe’ for supposedly using that as an excuse to withdraw from their fight. In the video, ‘The Maverick’ also lambasted ‘El Jefe’ for allegedly using that as an excuse to withdraw from their fight.

Expansion of a Tweet

Dillon Danis sought to market their bout by persistently assaulting Agdal’s character in the lead up to their fight by publishing old, private, and reportedly illegally obtained images of her all over his socials, which finally led to her filing a lawsuit against him in a court in the state of New Jersey. During the buildup to their fight, Danis chose to sell their bout by relentlessly attacking Agdal’s character.

In a recent conversation that took place on Adin Ross’s live stream with Andrew Tate, Danis disclosed that he is required to pay $400,000 in legal fees even in the event that he is found to be the victor in the case. Logan Paul recently asserted that the Bellator fighter, Danis, is desperately trying to squirm his way out of their bout by using the litigation as an excuse. This is in light of Danis’ professional inactivity. In his words:

This guy is complaining about being sued on Twitter, saying things like “They’re suing me. I’m up to my eyeballs in legal trouble. I’m not sure if this is something I want to continue doing.” Just shut up, you idiot. Making an attempt to withdraw from the conflict by citing a lawsuit that is in no way connected to it as an excuse… We were prepared for the fact that you would look for every way possible to get out of it.

Dillon Danis vs. Logan Paul: Fans react to rumors of ‘El Jefe’ allegedly pulling out of October 14 fight

The video posted by Logan Paul, in which he seems to insinuate that Dillon Danis is attempting to back out of their battle, caused fans to go into a frenzy. As a result of the buzz that has been created by Danis’ questionable behavior on social media and the fact that this will be his first appearance in a combat sport since June of this year, many people are excitedly anticipating the possibility of this showdown taking place.

As soon as Paul’s video was made public, a great number of people turned to social media to discuss the claims by posing questions and sharing their perspectives. In light of the fact that Dillon Danis had earlier withdrawn from the KSI battle, many people believed that the reports might be real.

One of the fans inquired:

“@dillondanis are you pulling out?”

Another supporter wrote in:

“Dillon was able to achieve his goal, which was to receive widespread publicity. It appears that he is giving up the fight at this point.

Check out some further responses that were received below:

The caption is here.

The caption is here.

In spite of what some people have said, Dillon Danis has not yet withdrawn from the contest. Recently, the Bellator welterweight called out WWE actress Kayla Braxton for suggesting the same thing. He was so angry about it that he insulted her in a very harsh way on X. Additionally, it appeared from his post that he was confirming that he will still compete against Logan Paul in the squared circle the following month.

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