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“Hahaha the brown teeth brigade,” Conor McGregor claps back following a user’s posted that he was “ashamed” to call him Irish.


In response to an internet provocateur who attempted to make fun of him for his criticism of the Irish government, Conor McGregor responded with something of his own.

Jozef Puska, 33, of Mucklagh, Tullamore, was responsible for the murder of Irish primary school teacher Ashling Murphy in January 2022. The incident, which took place along the Grand Canal in Tullamore, generated a global alarm over violence against women. One year later, her attacker was apprehended and sentenced within the past month, following an extensive investigation that lasted for a long time.

In response to a story that Murphy’s boyfriend had expressed dissatisfaction with the way the probe was handled, “The Notorious” reached out to X and provided his reaction. As he wrote:

It is a waste of oxygen because you are so f**king disgusting and unkempt! The entirety of this circumstance has been a terrible one. As a result of harboring this, the Irish government should be ashamed. You are to blame for this, and we have had enough of it! a reprehensible mechanism! It is embarrassing for me to be Irish because of the Irish government. We are completely shocked by all of you! You are unable to remedy this, but that is not a problem since it is a war, and God is on our side! In support of Ashling and Ireland”
See the following post by Conor McGregor, which has since been removed:

@TheNotoriousMMA on X is credited for this.
@TheNotoriousMMA on X is credited for this.

Recently, the former champion of two divisions in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) expressed his feelings of being “ashamed to be Irish” while also criticizing his country for the growing issue of illegal immigrants.

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In response to McGregor’s recent comments, a user of X sent the following message:

Conor McGregor doubles down on his bid to run for Irish presidency

It has been brought to Conor McGregor’s attention once more that he is considering the possibility of running for vice president of Ireland.

When the former two-division UFC champion said that Irish authorities unfairly singled him out as a “scapegoat” for a recent disturbance in Dublin, he gathered momentum for his possible political aspirations on the political front. In his argument, McGregor stated that the government was attempting to divert attention away from a stabbing event that included minors and that resulted in anti-immigrant demonstrations and unrest in the capital of Ireland on November 23.

Following the occurrence of these events, “The Notorious” detailed his intended course of action for a possible candidacy for the President of Ireland on X.

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A cartoonish poster depicting McGregor and his family standing in front of Áras an Uachtaráin, the ceremonial residence of the Irish president, was recently uploaded to the social media platform as part of McGregor’s recent activity on X. As he wrote:

“Ireland, your family is in the highest office available. It’s a good ring to it, President McGregor,” she commented.

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