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Greta Thunberg speaks up for the first time since Andrew Tate’s arrest, addresses online trolling by influencer


Prior to Andrew Tate’s arrest in Romania last year, the two engaged in a full-fledged Twitter spat. Tate has been imprisoned for more than a month at this point, and Thunberg has spoken out about the contentious kickboxer for the first time since his arrest.

Thunberg was questioned about the initial motivation behind the self-described misogynist’s decision to target her. The 20-year-old claims that Tate and other figures with distorted worldviews are threatened by activists like her.
Thunberg views Tate’s unwanted attention as a sign of her achievement rather than bowing down. On a recent appearance on “The View,” the Swedish activist stated:

“I’m not sure. You’d think that folks of that calibre could benefit more from spending their time in other productive ways. There are numerous issues in the world that require attention from people. Yet because I, and other environmental and climate activists, speak out, they feel so intimidated or that their worldview is so threatened that they feel the need to insult us and suppress us. But that, in my opinion, should be taken as a good indicator. Because that proves that we are making a difference. They wouldn’t be harassing us online if they weren’t doing it.”

Greta Thunberg’s savage reply to Andrew Tate that took the internet by storm

Days before he and his brother Tristan Tate were detained in Romania, Andrew Tate made an impulsive slur intended towards Greta Thunberg. The former kickboxer requested Thunberg’s email so he could provide her information about the significant emissions caused by his 33-car fleet of high-end vehicles.
Tate was demolished by Thunberg with a vicious retort that rose to the top of all-time most-liked tweets. The climate activist claimed that Tate’s ego prevented him from putting the feud to rest there and that he later posted another video criticising Thunberg. A 36-year-old man spoke:

“Really, I’m not furious at Greta. She believes she is doing well since she is unaware that she is being programmed and that metrics control her every move.”
Also, Andrew Tate showed some pizza boxes in his video, which allegedly led to his detention. The Romanian organisation in charge of his detention, DIICOT, however, denied all such allegations.

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