Glover Teixeira’s cornerman retires after attempting to call off UFC 283 clash against Jamahal Hill

At UFC 283, Jamahal Hill and Glover Teixeira engaged in a thrilling five-round title fight, with Hill winning by decision. Teixeira then declared his departure from MMA.

It’s interesting to note that the Brazilian player, age 43, wasn’t the only one to call it a night. John Hackleman, Teixeira’s longtime trainer and cornerman, has stated that he will no longer be cornering any fights going forward and reiterated his goal to concentrate on coaching.

The legendary trainer claimed that he would no longer be cornering fights in an interview with MMA Fighting. He also stated that the main event of UFC 283 would not have gone past the fourth round if he had his way. In reference to Teixeira’s defeat over Hill, Hackleman said:

I have a reputation for stopping fights in between rounds. But I felt that now was a good time to put a halt to it. In the corner, I received fewer votes. I’m relieved that they didn’t.

Jamahal Hill on Glover Teixeira’s toughness

In five rounds of UFC 283, Jamahal Hill decisively outclassed Glover Teixeira to win the vacant light heavyweight championship. The 31-year-old won the UFC championship for the first time among Dana White’s Contender Series competitors.

Hill ranks among the light heavyweight division’s best punchers. Many people predicated that the battle would end quickly if the American landed solidly on his opponent’s chin before it even started.

Sweet Dreams, on the other hand, did not have it easy against Teixeira, and the Brazilian’s great performance at the Jeunesse Arena this past weekend has nothing but praise. Hill stated in an interview with MMA Junkie that Teixeira’s toughness completely astounded him:

“It was a terrible matchup against a Hall of Fame icon. The guy isn’t as tough as he seems. He wasn’t just tough; he was tough and actively doing the appropriate actions to try to win the battle. He wasn’t done working. He continued to throw. He was still trying to gain control of the situation. He never once showed signs of fight-related pain during the entire duration.”

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