Georges St-Pierre teaches Paddy Pimblett to deal with criticism about his “robbery” win against Jared Gordon

Georges St-Pierre, a member of the UFC Hall of Fame, has given Paddy Pimblett advice on how to handle criticism of his most recent performance.

Pimblett defeated Jared Gordon in a contentious unanimous decision match at UFC 282 in December 2022. Many people think Gordon deserved the judges’ decision more in their hotly contested lightweight match. The UFC lightweight chatted to Georges “Rush” St-Pierre in the most recent episode of the Chattin Pony podcast, which is hosted by Paddy Pimblett.

Notably, The Baddy sought Georges St-counsel Pierre’s on how to face the criticism of his “robbery” victory over Jared Gordon. The MMA icon advised Pimblett to disregard the criticism in his response.

St-Pierre mentioned his own narrowly winning by a split decision over Johny Hendricks in their welterweight title match at UFC 167 in November 2013. “GSP” said:

“All great boxers had encounters that observers would label as losses. Some people believed that I was defeated by [Johny] Hendricks during our fight. Each person experiences it. I compile a list of everything I did prior to a fight when I have performances I’m not too proud of and try to determine what I could have done differently. And I work to avoid making the same error again.

“If you think you won the fight, it doesn’t matter what the other people think,” the former UFC middleweight and welterweight champion continued. There will always be people who will try to make you look bad. And you must not allow that to enter your mind.
Additionally, “GSP” hinted that Paddy Pimblett could challenge Jared Gordon to a rematch if he were unsatisfied with his performance. ‘The Baddy’ appeared to concur and said that he might take on Gordon once more.

Paddy Pimblett is set to undergo ankle surgery, likely to miss UFC 286

Paddy Pimblett, one of the top UK MMA stars of today, was anticipated to appear at the next UFC 286 event, which is scheduled to take place in London, England this March. The Baddy, though, hinted that he would be out of commission for a time in a recent video that he uploaded to his YouTube page.
In his bout with Jared Gordon, Paddy Pimblett sustained an ankle injury for which he will have surgery in March. Pimblett experienced an ankle edoema and lost cartilage, as was made clear in the video. In his video, the physician said

“You likely have what we refer to as a Grade 2 damage to your ligaments that join from your fibula, which is this bone,” the doctor said.

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