Garry Tonon believes that he will have to fight Shamil Gasanov in close quarters because “he can’t create distance.”

Garry Tonon is confident that he has a complete understanding of Shamil Gasanov.

This coming Friday, at primetime in the United States, the renowned Lumpinee Boxing Stadium will play host to ONE Fight Night 12, which will feature a high-stakes featherweight matchup between two grappling masters.

According to Tonon, the competitor who holds the number two spot in the featherweight division, Gasanov has such a limited striking game that he will be compelled to close the distance between them throughout the fight.

During an interview with ONE Championship, Tonon made the observation that once Gasanov’s stand-up game fails him, he will eventually try to shoot for submissions.

“He is unable to put space between themselves. When you are grappling, the last thing you want to do is try to create distance between you and your opponent. Is he capable of throwing punches, kicks, and all of these other things? That makes perfect sense. I run the risk of being discovered with something.
He added:

“All I’m doing is pointing out how he plans to prevail in conflicts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him unleash a punch or kick with the intention of knocking out his opponent during a fight. My guess is that he does it because we’re fighting and he wants to deal his opponent as much damage as possible. But in the end, he plans to put the other person in his place. I believe that is how he processes information.
Gasanov is a natural grappler and has won nine of his 13 fights by way of submission. He is currently ranked as the no. 5 contender in the featherweight division.

‘The Cobra’ is an aggressive wrestler who, like his other competitors from Dagestan, actively shoots for takedowns before completing their battles with either ground strikes or submissions.

Tonon, on the other hand, is an expert when it comes to the ground. Because of his crushing submission game, ‘The Lion Killer’ has won several BJJ world championships and has risen to the top of the featherweight division. He is known as “The Lion Killer.”

The MMA record of the American fighter stands at 7-1, with four of his victories coming by way of submission. The entirety of the American fighter’s career was spent competing in ONE Championship.

All Prime Video subscribers in North America get access to the live stream of ONE Fight Night 12 at no additional cost.

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