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Conor McGregor refers to James Gallagher as a “legend” following the latter’s victorious return at Bellator 298.


After James Gallagher’s victory at Bellator 298, UFC superstar Conor McGregor had nothing but kind words to say about his countryman and fellow Irishman. On the social networking service that was then known as Twitter, the two-time former UFC champion congratulated him on his hard-earned victory at Bellator 298.

“Irish music legend, Jimmy Gallagher!”

Check out the following post that Conor McGregor made on X:

Tweet Sent Out by McGregor Tweet Sent Out by McGregor
After being sidelined for the previous 21 months due to an injury, James Gallagher was finally getting back into the game. A tense fight at the featherweight division saw Gallagher emerge victorious by way of a split decision over James Gonzalez. He scaled the cage in the midst of loud booing from the audience in order to demonstrate his happiness at his comeback victory and was overcome with emotion as he did so.

After jumping up a weight class, Gallagher was now competing at the featherweight division for the very first time. He was given a difficult time by Gonzalez, and in the very first moments of the fight, the Irishman was on the receiving end of a spinning back fist. However, Gallagher was able to acquire control of the battle before the final bell rang, which persuaded two judges to give the fight a score that was in his favor. This enabled him to win the bout.Conor McGregor refers to James Gallagher as a “legend” following the latter’s victorious return at Bellator 298.

James Gallagher remains resilient after his win amidst loud boos at Bellator 298

The audience at Bellator 298 was underwhelmed by the arduous back-and-forth fight between James Gallagher and James Gonzalez, which ended in a split decision victory for Gallagher. However, Gallagher was able to convince two judges to score the match in his favor, which prompted the crowd to boo him during his celebrations of winning the bout. Many people believed that Gonzalez had done enough to get his hand raised in the bout, but Gallagher was able to convince them otherwise. During his post-fight interview, the Irishman addressed the audience and said the following in response to their cheers:

“Winners win, you motherfuckers, winners win the f***ing game. That was a bad performance on my part, but guess what they tried to do? They wanted to keep me out of the game, and they tried to prevent me from ever going back in. Those who are in the know are in the know, and I’ll tell you what, nobody can stop me.”

When asked about his performance, he continued by saying:

“The show is not over, and that was a dreadful performance… I have three folks, and this is for my mother and father, as well as for my son, Andrew Charles Gracie Gulliver.

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