From behind bars, Andrew Tate tweets on mental health, saying “Depression wasn’t real.”

The story of infamous influencer Andrew Tate, who has been imprisoned in Romania with his brother Tristan since December of last year, has taken a dramatic turn. Tate, his brother Tristan, and two previously convicted accomplices have all been detained in Romania on suspicion of people trafficking and organising a criminal enterprise.

Tate will remain in jail until the end of April, according to his attorneys and the most recent court session. Last Monday, the brothers’ defence attorneys informed a court in Bucharest that the prosecution had not presented any fresh evidence. Due to their divisive opinions and online reputation, they believe that this most recent incident is additional proof that the brothers are being set up.

Andrew Tate has, nevertheless, displayed impressive tenacity in the face of “The Matrix” and the claimed attempts of the powerful to silence him. The former kickboxing world champion is confident that his years of ringside experience handling difficulty will help him today.

Tate regularly argued that depression is an illusion when he was at the height of his career outside of prison. He recently described how he was able to adapt to life in prison in a series of tweets. Even at the pinnacle of his success, according to Tate, he was aware that anything could change at any time.

He has spent years of plenty preparing for times of prosperity to decline, and that attitude of acceptance has seen him through the agony of his prolonged confinement. He stated:

“I decided that depression wasn’t real when I was using private aircraft, sailing on yachts, and driving sports cars… Living every man’s ideal existence. I used the good times to get myself ready for the worst that might occur.

This choice has eventually served me well in my cell. When the light shines you must prepare for the storm that will come. Summer won’t last indefinitely.Winter is coming. Get ready right away. You’ll be grateful to yourself later.

Andrew Tate update: Lawyer parallels her client’s situation to Eleanor Williams’ fraudulent sex abuse claims

Eleanor Williams, whose fabricated claims that she was the victim of an Asian grooming network, incited a fury of outrage online. Williams made up the claims that she had been beaten, raped, and trafficked by males.

In addition, she shared pictures of her hammer-self-inflicted wounds on social media, as was shown during her trial. The guys accused of the crimes made numerous suicide attempts in the weeks that followed the false accusations. For her false statements, she was recently given an eight and a half year prison sentence.In a statement, Andrew Tate’s attorney Tina Glandian compared the Williams incident to the defamation claims against Andrew Tate. Eleanor Williams’ name was not mentioned in the statement:

“Just this month, a 22-year-old British woman who claimed she had been coerced into prostitution and trafficked was sentenced to 8 years and 5 months in jail. She went so far as to hit her face with a hammer over a period of years. Within weeks of the bogus accusations in the instance, the accused individuals made repeated attempts at suicide.

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