Francis Ngannou explains the component of the historic PFL deal that is most important to him, as revealed by the coach.

Francis Ngannou, a former heavyweight champion of the UFC, just inked a historic deal with the Professional Fighters League. “The Predator” has engaged into a strategic collaboration with the PFL, and as part of this partnership, he will be free to box for other organizations when he so chooses.

Alongside Jake Paul and Kayla Harrison, he will be a part of the promotion’s ‘Super Fight Division’ after the transaction has been finalized. His position as Chairman of PFL’s Africa endeavors is included in the agreement. Fighters competing in this league will be eligible for larger guarantees and a larger portion of the money made from pay-per-view events.

Eric Nicksick, Francis Ngannou’s head coach, recently gave an interview to Submission Radio. During the course of the conversation, he disclosed which component of the PFL deal was most important to the Cameroonian mixed martial artist. This is what he had to say:

“It was a significant occasion for him. In the very first sentence that he uttered to me, he informed me, “I got PFL Africa, bubba.” And it tugged at the emotional threads in his chest, right? A brief history: Francis is involved in a number of charitable endeavors in that region; he also runs a number of jiu-jitsu schools and is providing children with educational opportunities to improve their understanding of social media. They don’t need to go anywhere because it serves virtually as a little school system for them, so that saves them time and money. The only thing they truly require to be able to obtain work is access to the internet.

Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones trade barbs from across promotions

The fact that Francis Ngannou has signed with the PFL makes it absolutely certain that Jon Jones, the current heavyweight champion of the UFC, will not be facing Francis Ngannou anytime soon. The fact that this is the case has not deterred one of the men from attacking the other. Jones takes exception to the notion that anyone else him should be referred to as the “MMA GOAT” or the “baddest man alive.”

Therefore, it should not have come as a surprise when Jon Jones responded negatively to Francis Ngannou’s description of himself as the “baddest motherf***er on the planet.” The following statement was made by Ngannou in a tweet, and that’s where everything started:

“Who, in your opinion, is the baddest motherf***er on the face of the planet, regardless of what other promoters say, regardless of what other fighters say, regardless of what the media says?” Me.”
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Jon Jones, the current king of the UFC heavyweight division, has provided his response to the news that Francis Ngannou has signed with the PFL.
Look at the picture on Twitter.
Look at the picture on Twitter.
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Jones responded to the comment with the following:

“I can hear you across the street calling yourself the most dangerous man on the face of the earth. Who would do such a thing?
Francis Ngannou, not one to back down, then requested Jones to “cross the street,” which means to come and fight him in the PFL. Jones was not one to back down. On the other hand, it does not appear that a fight between Jones and Ngannou will take place any time in the foreseeable future.