Francis Ngannou has reemerged to issue a challenge to Tyson Fury despite Dana White’s efforts to set up a fight between Jon Jones and Fury.

Francis Ngannou, who recently signed a contract with the Professional Fighters League (PFL), emanates an excess of self-assurance as a result of this development. It would appear that the former heavyweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship has rekindled his desire to compete against the current heavyweight champion of the WBC, Tyson Fury.

Tweeted “The Predator” was the following:

“Anyway… I’ll be ready @Tyson_Fury,” you can write on Twitter.
Francis Ngannou
Francis Ngannou @francis_ngannou
Anyway … I’ll be waiting for you, @Tyson_Fury.
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The decision that Ngannou has made to issue a challenge to ‘The Gypsy King’ comes on the heels of an offer that Dana White has made for “The Gypsy King” to fight Jon Jones in a UFC bout.

During the press conference that followed the conclusion of UFC Fight Night 74 in Las Vegas, the president of the UFC reiterated his suggestion that heavyweight champion Jon Jones should face off against Tyson Fury in a mixed martial arts bout. White stressed that his offer to Fury is still on the table and that he is not withdrawing it:

“I’m telling Tyson Fury, whom I have a lot of respect for, that if you really want to find out who the baddest man on the planet is, I will make that fight,” said McGregor. “I’m telling you, I will make that fight.” The fight between Jon Jones and Tyson Fury will take place in the octagon. We were able to figure out a way to pay Floyd, and we will also be able to figure out a way to pay you, Tyson. Therefore, the offer is now available.”

Check out the following comments made by Dana White:

MMA Junkie
MMA Junkie @MMAJunkie
Dana White has issued a challenge to Tyson Fury to compete against Jon Jones in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“We figured out how to pay Floyd, and we’ll figure out how to pay you, too, Tyson.”

Complete interview available at 1257 128
During his time in the UFC, Francis Ngannou was quite vocal about his ambition to take on Tyson Fury in a boxing match. This was a passion that Ngannou had carried for a long time and freely discussed.

The stage has been set for this clash by recent events, which have largely cleared the way. Due to the terms of his deal with the PFL, Ngannou is free to compete in a boxing match that is not sanctioned by the league.

Terence Crawford offers advice to Francis Ngannou ahead of his boxing debut

When Francis Ngannou left the UFC, he became the first reigning champion to leave the company since B.J. Penn. This caused eyebrows to be raised because of the significance of the event.

Ngannou recently received some advise from Terence Crawford, who suggested that he consider facing a less formidable opponent prior to taking on the top heavyweight fighters in the world of boxing. Crawford made this suggestion to Ngannou.

The unbeaten WBO welterweight champion was quizzed by Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour on the potential that the Cameroonian possesses inside of the boxing ring during the course of the conversation.

In response to this, ‘Bud’ said that he believes Francis Ngannou may need to gradually prove himself before he can compete against the elite heavyweights:

“Just get used to some skilled people coming back at you and outthinking you and just the whole realm of boxing before you go over there and try to mess with those guys,” the trainer advised. “Before you go over there and try to mess with those guys, just get used to it.” You are going to have one chance, and if you mess up, you are going to be knocked out till next week for messing with Deontay Wilder. One guy, you are going to receive one shot. If he punches you, you’ll be out for the count.”

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