Francis Ngannou is no longer relevant for Tyson Fury, claims Chael Sonnen, lists UFC alternatives

Francis Ngannou should not attempt to box against Tyson Fury, the current world heavyweight champion, in Chael Sonnen’s opinion. Ngannou recently parted company with the UFC due to a protracted contract disagreement, and the organisation stripped him of his heavyweight title in the process.

The Predator was open about his plans to fight Tyson Fury in the square ring prior to leaving. This was just reaffirmed by the French-Cameroonian fighter in an interview with Ariel Helwani.

However, Sonnen recently asserted that because Francis Ngannou is no longer the UFC heavyweight champion, Fury wouldn’t be interested in boxing him. Additionally, he asserted that depending on the outcome of their fight at UFC 285, Fury would be more likely to take on Jon Jones or Ciryl Gane.

The American Gangster recently uploaded a video in which he linked Ngannou’s ambitions for boxing to those of Conor McGregor and said:

“The UFC champion caught Tyson Fury’s attention, exactly like Conor did with Floyd, by going and doing something with him… The UFC champion who won twice in a row had worth when Dana White was around. Tyson Fury’s only concern is whether or not he wants to continue boxing, and if so, who he will face next.

Tyson Fury will outbox Francis Ngannou says John McCarthy

Francis Ngannou’s stint with the UFC has recently come to an abrupt end as Dana White made the announcement of his departure at the press conference for UFC Vegas 67.

As was already mentioned, “The Predator” was open about his intentions to engage in squared ring combat, and considering that Francis Ngannou is currently a free agent and has a history of showing interest in boxing Tyson Fury, many fans have questioned whether that will be the next significant development in the 36-year-career. old’s

However, John McCarthy doesn’t see any upside to Ngannou facing Fury in the boxing ring and claimed that the former UFC heavyweight champion would lose. On a recent episode of the WEIGHING IN , McCarthy stated:

“He will fall short. Just being sincere here. Everyone is sitting there saying, “He hits the hardest,” which makes me love Francis. Deontay Wilder strikes like a f**king truck, you see. No issues will arise for Fury. Francis will be outboxed by him. Francis’ night is not going to go well.”

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