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Francis Ngannou goes back to sand mining after recent UFC exit


Francis Ngannou, a former heavyweight champion of the UFC, has left the biggest MMA organisation in the world and gone back to his origins.

Before moving to France to begin his career in combat sports, “The Predator” worked in Cameroon’s sand mines. Many people think Ngannou’s physique is akin to that of a superhuman because of his time spent digging sand.
Ngannou recently renounced his heavyweight title and severed ties with the UFC after a protracted negotiation failed to produce a new deal. The “Predator” is back in the Cameroonian sand mines, skilfully loading sand into a truck.

Yet, sand mining used to be the former UFC heavyweight champion’s main source of income; now he does it for fitness. Francis Ngannou shared numerous photos of himself at work on Instagram with the following captions:

“This is what I used to do to survive. Now, it’s just an enjoyable workout.”

When he was ten years old, Ngannou started sand mining to help support his family. Before receiving his diploma, he put in another seven years of gruelling work. After working as a cab driver for a while, “The Predator” embarked on a 14-month adventure around Europe that would forever alter his life.

While ‘The Predator’ performs some sand mining with his mates every time he returns home, Ngannou has achieved heights he probably never dreamed possible.

Scott Coker explains why Bellator makes sense for Francis Ngannou’s future

When Francis Ngannou left the UFC and became a free agent, he has been courted by every significant MMA organisation. Bellator is also making an effort to land “The Predator,” with company president Scott Coker recently making a thorough case.

Coker pointed out that Ngannou will be able to compete in the ring because Showtime Boxing is owned by Viacom, the parent company of Bellator. Coker’s suggestion may need to be taken into account because “The Predator” is publicly planning a boxing match with Tyson Fury. Prior to Bellator 291, the head of Bellator stated:

“From my vantage point, you mention signing him to Bellator, but we’re also discussing with him and Stephen [Espinoza] having a dialogue about getting into Showtime pay-per-view boxing, which happened earlier this week. I believe we have a fantastic organisation to offer him the opportunity to compete in both MMA and boxing, which are all combat sports. I consider us to be a fantastic fit. Discussions are still going on, so we’ll see what happens.

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