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Francis Ngannou will accept contracts that pay less than what UFC offered, says his exit was not about money


After recently breaking company with the UFC and giving up his heavyweight title, Francis Ngannou is now a free agent.

Dana White asserted that “The Predator” turned down a record-breaking contract shortly after Ngannou left the UFC. The former UFC heavyweight champion has made it clear that money won’t be the only factor affecting his professional choices.

Ngannou asserts that he might be eager for a contract with a different organisation that is less successful financially but treats him with greater respect than the UFC does. The 35-year-old revealed to Mike Bohn of MMA Junkie

“Money is obviously quite significant, but as I’ve already shown, the contract’s structure, strategy, and duration are all far more crucial. In order to protect confidentiality, I won’t say anything. Someone may offer me a contract that is less than what I’ve rejected, or someone else may offer me one that is more. Sincerely, I believe that contract has more worth for me personally than one that is financially [better]. You know, I’ve been looking for something.”

While he plans a crossover boxing super bout, Francis Ngannou is now being courted by every MMA promoter on the planet. The Predator recently disclosed that his return to MMA would not happen until after one boxing match.

Francis Ngannou reveals UFC contract amount for the Jon Jones fight

Dana White said that Francis Ngannou’s agreement was more lucrative than Brock Lesnar’s UFC contract.
During an appearance on The MMA Hour, Ngannou refuted such assertions in the absence of any statistical support. Brock Lesnar’s UFC contract, according to Ariel Helwani, is around $8 million. Ngannou acknowledged that his contract for the Jones fight paid “roughly” the same.

But, Francis Ngannou’s refusal to sign a normal UFC contract was the clincher. Helwani was told by “The Predator”:

“I am not free under that deal. I’m not a self-employed person. I am without rights. I transfer all authority to you guys. I don’t want it since I’ve seen how you guys may use your influence against me in the past.

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