At the Paul vs. Diaz event, former UFC fighter and “Who the F is that guy?” star Jeremy Stephens was defeated through unanimous decision by Chris Avila.

When it comes to fighting in a cage or ring, Jeremy Stephens, a former lightweight and featherweight fighter for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), is one of the most violent men. However, the ‘who the f*** is that man’ exchange with Conor McGregor at the UFC 205 press conference is probably the only thing that most casual fans will remember him for. Following his retirement from mixed martial arts competition on a professional level, Stephens made his debut in boxing on August 5 and was defeated by Chris Avila.

On the undercard of the Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz pay-per-view (PPV) event, Stephens competed against Chris Avila, who is also from Stockton and is a former mixed martial arts (MMA) competitor. In the six rounds of competition, Avila gave Stephens a startling display that was nothing short of spectacular. Avila has worked out with the famed Diaz brothers.

The total strike tally was at 141 for Avila compared to 81 for the 37-year-old opponent. Avila had a significant advantage in this regard. The native of Stockton was given a win by unanimous decision after receiving scores of 59-55, 59-55, and 60-54 from the judges who scored the competition.

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Although Chris Avila had the upper hand for the rest of the bout, the fourth round was particularly impressive given his level of dominance. Jeremy Stephens was knocked down in the round by many lengthy combos to the head and the body.

The high-volume boxing technique of the Diaz brothers was brought to mind while watching Avila’s performance. In the meantime, Stephens resorted to loading up on high-power shots in an effort to put an end to the battle as it was beginning to slip out of his control. Avila, on the other hand, was successful in avoiding danger and emerging on top as a result.

Jeremy Stephens is yet to taste victory in his boxing career

The defeat that Jeremy Stephens had at the hands of Chris Avila did not assist his record, which is now 0-1-1 [W-L-D]. In April of 2023, Stephens made his debut in boxing against Jose Aldo, a former opponent of his who is also a notable MMA fighter. The bout was part of the preliminary card for the main event, which featured Roy Jones Jr. vs. Anthony Pettis.

A majority draw resulted in the conclusion of the back-and-forth action between the veterans. Stephens, on the other hand, has dynamite in his hands and is never further than one punch away from winning his next match.

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