Former UFC fighter describes harrowing experience with daughter’s illness in GoFundMe account

The former UFC fighter Stevie Ray and his wife Natalie, who have four children in total, learned that Myla, their 7-year-old daughter, has been experiencing epileptic seizures for quite some time in October 2022. The most common cause of medically untreatable epilepsy is focal cortical dysplasia, a defect in cortical development.After having a “tonic-clonic” seizure in July 2019, Myla, who will age eight in May, was identified as having frontal lobe epilepsy. The medication helped Myla’s health return, but when the seizures started happening again, her doctors had to prescribe more medication, which had an impact on her mood, conduct, and level of weariness.

After a battery of exams and rounds at the hospital, the former UFC fighter and his wife were informed that their daughter’s uncontrollable epileptic convulsions are caused by a cerebral developmental anomaly.

In order to assist raise money for their daughter’s brain surgery, Stevie Ray and his wife created a GoFundMe page. They have already received donations of £10,000 from UFC president Dana White and $15,000 from the PFL.In a recent interview with STV News, Ray described the horrifying experience dealing with the trauma that his daughter had to go through to recover:

She started getting incredibly thin, you could see her ribs, and she had bruises from head to toe because the seizures might occur at any time when they first began, the many seizures during the COVID pandemic. She’ll never be able to drive a car, and I doubt she’ll even be able to take a bath alone as she ages and deals with seizures for the rest of her life.
Ray continued by thanking everyone for their assistance in helping him and his family through their recent difficulties, saying:

“I really can’t express how grateful we are for the love and support that has been given – from celebrities to complete strangers to people who know Myla and people who know me and my wife, and people worldwide, so we are so thankful,” said the couple.

What is former UFC fighter Stevie Ray’s record in the organization?

As a last-minute substitute for the injured Jason Saggo at UFC Fight Night 64 on April 11, 2015, Stevie Ray faced Marcin Bandel. In the second round, Ray was knocked out to win the fight.

Before losing to Alan Patrick by unanimous decision in September 2016, Ray won two more fights. After that match, he participated in seven additional fights under the UFC’s auspices, dropping three of them.

He currently has a seven-win, four-loss UFC record. Due to ongoing knee issues, Ray announced his retirement from MMA on September 21, 2020. Later, he would admit that the reason for his retirement was because the company had removed him from the promotion when he declined to engage in combat.due to visa problems brought on by earlier legal problems.

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