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Former UFC champion predicts that KSI will emerge victorious in the highly anticipated fight between Jake Paul and KSI. “He fades at the end of rounds”


In a recent interview, the legendary mixed martial arts fighter Demetrious Johnson shed light on various facets of the probable boxing showdown between Jake Paul and KSI.

An intense competition between KSI and Paul has been going on for quite some time, but it has not yet resulted in a boxing match that has been sanctioned. Over the course of the past several years, the influencers who have transitioned into professional boxers have engaged in a number of verbal exchanges with one another.

It was even suggested by KSI that they engage in a megafight at the illustrious Wembley Stadium in the month of August 2022. In spite of this, the two individuals have been following quite distinct paths in their professional lives, and there is no chance that the fight will take place, at least not at this time.

Johnson recently made an appearance on The W.A.D.E. Concept podcast, where he explored the potential outcomes of a boxing battle between Paul and KSI that might last anywhere from eight to ten rounds and be fought at a weight of 185 pounds:

Okay, I’ll take a position in the midst of that. Is there a clause that allows for rehydration? Is it true that the clause contains all of these other types of bullshit? In the event that I am forced to race at 185 pounds, and KSI is coming up [in weight], I will give it to KSI because he ought to have the advantage in terms of cardio. To get to 185, Jake Paul is going to have to make a sacrifice.
In addition, “Mighty Mouse” reported that:

As is typical for him, Jake Paul tends to lose his edge toward the conclusion of the rounds. Both he and KSI are not as explosive as they formerly were. When KSI is performing the in and out bounce, back and forth, he does, in fact, blow his wad. Therefore, I’m going to go with KSI because he doesn’t have to bear the weight in order to reach his goal.

KSI’s manager brutally trolls Jake Paul’s championship goals

Initial criticism of Jake Paul’s boxing career was based on the perception that he did not have any relevance to the competitive scene.

On the other hand, “The Problem Child” has improved in terms of the abilities it possesses and the competition it faces. In his most recent bout, Paul was victorious over Andre August, a boxer, and he has spoken out about his aspiration to become a world champion in the sport of boxing.

In light of the new transgender policy that USA Boxing has implemented, Mams Taylor, the manager of KSI, made a snide comment about Paul’s desire to win a title. As per the regulations, male boxers who undergo a transition to become female are permitted to compete in the female divisions provided that specific prerequisites are met.

During the course of her response to a post made by boxing journalist Michael Benson on X, Taylor made the following suggestion regarding Paul’s potential to become a world champion boxer if he competed in the female divisions:

I would like to express my regret and recant my previous doubts about Jake Paul’s aspirations to become a world champion. The possibility is very high at this point, Joselyn Paul, you have this!

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