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Following his release from custody in Spain, a UFC fighter recounts the events from his perspective.


Following his detention in Spain for allegedly assaulting a Taxi driver the previous week, former MMA fighter Alessio Di Chirico has now shared his side of the story. Di Chirico was arrested in Spain.

Di Chirico was spending his vacation in the Spanish island of Formentera with his spouse and their two young children. After eating at a restaurant on one of their nights away, the former middleweight fighter had arranged for a taxi to take them all back to their hotel where they were staying.

It was then alleged that the 33-year-old paid the driver as usual, but shortly after that, an altercation took place between the two parties. According to reports, Di Chirico punched the driver in the face, causing him to suffer a fractured cheekbone as well as damage to his eye. After that, the Italian combatant was taken into custody by the authorities and held in custody for one night before being released.

Al Zullino
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Alessio Di Chirico, a former middleweight fighter for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), was detained yesterday in Formentera, Spain, after allegedly assaulting a taxi driver who transported him and his family from the restaurant to the hotel. Multiple sources have confirmed this information.
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Now, Alessio Di Chirico has shared his perspective on what transpired. The information provided by ‘Manzo’ suggests that the incident wasn’t simply an instance of random violence.

The former UFC fighter claimed that he had asked to sit in the back of the car with his spouse and children because the taxi did not have sufficient seats for children and his son had regularly hit his head while riding in the taxi. In addition, the taxi driver had told him that his son had repeatedly hit his head while riding in the taxi.

However, the former UFC fighter took issue with the fact that after paying for the ride, the taxi driver allegedly smirked owing to the discomfort caused to Di Chirico’s children. This is because Spanish traffic laws indicate that it would have been illegal for Di Chirico to join them in the rear of the vehicle. Additionally, the man, who is 33 years old, said that the driver had grabbed him first.

What was Alessio Di Chirico’s UFC record?

Alessio Di Chirico made his debut in the UFC in 2016, but he did not get off to the ideal start because he was defeated by a unanimous decision during his first fight.

However, his luck quickly turned around as he won three of the following four fights he participated in and only lost one of them. One of those victories was particularly noteworthy since it came against fan favorite Julian Marquez.

Chirico’s accomplishments were regarded to be deserving of a move up in competition by the brass of the UFC, and as a result, he has been scheduled to fight Kevin Holland in 2019.

‘Manzo’s’ unfortunate fight against Holland appears to have been the beginning of the end of his career with the organization. The 33-year-old fighter suffered a defeat at the hands of ‘Trailblazer’ through unanimous decision, and he went on to win just one of his next five fights for the promotion after that.

The Italian boxer finished his career with a record of 4-7 before being released before the conclusion of 2022.

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