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Following a heated discussion on social media, Tom Aspinall has decided to withdraw from his pursuit of Jon Jones.


Tom Aspinall has lately announced that he is willing to take a step back from his continuous chase of Jon Jones, who is now the reigning heavyweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Aspinall has had enough of his back-and-forth with Jones on social media.

Jones was previously scheduled to compete against Stipe Miocic at UFC 295, which took place in November of this past year. Due to the fact that ‘Bones’ was unable to participate in the fight due to an injury, the booking was completely annulled. As a consequence of this, Aspinall stepped in at the last minute to challenge Sergei Pavlovich for the interim title of heavyweight champion.

By virtue of his spectacular knockout victory in the first round over the Russian, Aspinall was able to become the interim heavyweight champion. Not much longer after that, the Englishman demanded that Jones be the opponent for a title unification fight. On the other hand, the undisputed champion will be absent for a lengthy period of time in order to recuperate, and Miocic is scheduled to face him upon his return.

This did not sit well with Aspinall, who voiced his displeasure with the fact that he was required to wait for his title unification fight versus Jones and has expressed his displeasure to Jones over the internet. Over the course of the past few days, the two have been engaging in a back-and-forth on X, and it appears that Aspinall has now reached his breaking point.

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According to a recent post on X, the Englishman, who is thirty years old, indicated that he is merely attempting to demonstrate his superiority over the most accomplished martial artist and that he would cease the callouts if Jones was not interested. As he wrote:

Let’s forget about everything else that has to do with titles and resumes, etc. I am just confident that I will be able to defeat you in a battle, mate, but if you do not choose to do so, I will not continue to pursue you.

Jon Jones slams Tom Aspinall for incessant callouts despite weak resume

Recently, Jon Jones responded to Tom Aspinall’s persistent criticism of him by bringing up the Englishman’s professional CV. Jones felt that Aspinall was being unfair to him.

As was indicated earlier, Aspinall was dissatisfied with Jones’ decision to hold off on his title unification bout in favor of a high-profile fight against Miocic following his prolonged absence from the ring for several months. Jones couldn’t take it anymore and retaliated after the interim heavyweight champion repeatedly voiced his dissatisfaction with the situation.

Jones made a mocking reference to Aspinall’s record of accomplishments by referring to him as the “King of England” and writing on X:

It must be good to have only four opponents who are easily recognizable, and the monarch of England is already up there. There will be stories that are told about you and your infamous callouts that will go down in history.

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Immediately after that, Jones published another piece in which he compared his career to that of Aspinall and wrote:

“I mean, that’s obviously not how things work in practice. You cannot show up at the age of thirty pretending that you have been following me your entire life. I was a champion when I was 23 years old. Not a single person on his resume is familiar to me. I have spent my entire career bringing attention to events that take place in the UFC.

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