Find out how good Andrew Tate is in chess in comparison to the best players in the world by looking up his rating.

Andrew Tate is well-known not only for his shenanigans on various social media platforms. The controversial character is also a skilled chess player, having picked up the game from his father Emory Tate, who was once the chess champion of the world.

Although Tate does not compete in chess professionally himself, he continues to be an avid player of the game and frequently participates in online competitions. His current ranking on is somewhere around 1600, which places him in the upper percentile of all players.

The scores of ‘Cobra’ are not even close to being comparable to those of Emory Tate or any of the other professional players. His late father had a successful career as a professional chess player, having won more than 80 tournaments against grandmasters during the course of his career.

Emory was ranked among the top 2000 players in the world after receiving career high scores of 2413 and 2508 from the United States Chess Federation (USCF) and the International Chess Federation (FIDE), respectively. These ratings were determined by the federations that govern chess in the United States and internationally. The player that is currently rated first overall has a total score of 2853 as of right now.

Andrew Tate claims that he and his father naturally gravitated to the game of chess, and he also disclosed that his grandfather, Emory Tate, never once studied chess books or practiced online. He said:

“I never once witnessed him studying chess books,” I said. “Never.” Additionally, he detested chess computers and never played with one. [Credits to ChessLife]
It has also been reported that Tate is instructing his own children in the game of chess, just like his own father did. The photograph that follows demonstrates Tate teaching his daughter how to play a game.

Andrew Tate’s spokesperson speaks out after another sexual allegation

Andrew Tate and his crew have been forced to make a statement once more after a lady who goes by the name “Alice” came out with allegations that she was rendered unconscious by being strangled while having s*x with Andrew Tate.

The woman, who is now 30, claims that the incident took place in 2013, and she is seeking legal recourse against the internet personality as a result. In an interview with Sky News, Alice stated,

“While we were making love, he wrapped his hands around my neck and began to strangle me until I passed out. When I came to, he was still having s*x with me, and he was still on top of me. [Credit goes to Sky]
As soon as the claims became public knowledge, Andrew Tate’s camp issued a statement in which they unequivocally rejected the entirety of the narrative. His spokeswoman said:

“We are aware that there is a lot of attention focused on Andrew at the present; nonetheless, he adamantly denies these charges and does not condone any form of violence that is directed towards women. Every sexual encounter that Andrew has ever been a part of has been completely voluntary and consented upon in advance by both parties.

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