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“Fight Island was cool, but Fight Yacht would be cooler” As Conor McGregor delivers his humorous retort to Michael Chandler’s ‘yacht’ taunt, fans react and express their reactions.


The UFC superstar Conor McGregor responded to a recent remark made by Michael Chandler that was directed toward him. After a sabbatical of more than two years, McGregor was unable to return to the ring for the UFC 300 event. Chandler questioned the reason behind this and urged McGregor to “get off the yacht.”

Chandler sent the following message on X, which was once known as Twitter:

“I get what you mean. As a result of the fact that he is recovering from an injury, now that @TheNotoriousMMA is in good health…My question is, why wouldn’t it be #ufc300? This is the question. After two and a half years… Get off the yacht, you young man!
Almost immediately, McGregor responded by reiterating his commitment and emphasizing that his yacht is outfitted with a fitness center throughout his statement. Simply put, he stated:

“Yacht has gym”
Take a look at the following video to see how Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler engage with one another:

Enlarge the Tweet

Enlarge the Tweet
Fans responded to McGregor’s clever comment and voiced their want to see a fight card on the yacht. Fans also expressed their interest in witnessing a fight card.

One of the users wrote:

Could we maybe organize a UFC Fight Yacht event? Despite the fact that Fight Island was fantastic, Fight Yacht would be even more cool. “Construct an octagon on top of a massive yacht.”
In response to McGregor’s response, several individuals contributed their thoughts, speculating on his upcoming fight and calling into question his intention to return to the octagon with comments such as:

There is a phone in the gym that is on the yacht. The UFC is currently negotiating a bout between Connor and Nate Diaz for the UFC 300 event, and they are using that special phone.”Sir, what exactly is going on in this situation? Are you finding it difficult to fight? Not large enough for the contracts? This is not meant to be disrespectful, but even if I had a yacht with a gym on it, I still wouldn’t be motivated to work out.

Chael Sonnen blasts Conor McGregor for his latest training video

Chael Sonnen, a former fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has criticized Conor McGregor over a training video that has recently been doing the rounds on social media.

In spite of the fact that the video was uploaded to McGregor’s YouTube channel, TheMacLife, Sonnen was concerned about the fact that McGregor was not prominently featured in the film. The following is what Sonnen had to say on his YouTube channel:

The video that I am currently watching is the absolute worst video that I have ever seen that was produced by Conor… I feel obligated to use the word “allegedly” because there is a training video that purports to show Conor McGregor getting into a fight. It does not resemble him at all, and his entire body is concealed from view. None of Conor’s tattoos are visible, despite the fact that he possesses a number of well-known characteristics. It is not possible for you to see his face. It is not possible for me to guarantee that it is Conor McGregor.

Additionally, Sonnen discussed the significance of training film and drew a comparison between the quality of the video production and the videography talents of his son using for an iPhone.

It is seven years old that my son is… I see him play with my iPhone… In addition to that, he enjoys making movies, and his films are superior to this one.

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