Fans are excited about Sergio Ramos’s planned appearance at the UFC Jacksonville event in support of Ilia Topuria because they believe he will find a way to obtain a red card.

This next weekend, Ilia Topuria will be competing against Josh Emmett in the main event of his very first UFC event, which will take place at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. Topuria’s struggle will have a special supporter in the form of a Spanish athletic legend, and that supporter will be Topuria.

Topuria was born in Georgia to Georgian parents, but he migrated to Spain when he was a teenager, therefore he is a citizen of both countries. Topuria started his career and training in mixed martial arts in Spain. Topuria currently resides in Spain. In 2015, he made his debut in the professional world at a competition in the region.

According to reports, legendary Spanish defender Sergio Ramos and former Real Madrid captain Ferran Torres will both be present at the UFC event in Jacksonville. Ramos is scheduled to appear alongside FC Barcelona attacker Torres.

Danny Segura
Danny Segura @dannyseguratv
In order to show their support for Ilia Topuria in Saturday’s event at UFC Jacksonville, Spanish football superstars Sergio Ramos and Ferran Torres will be in attendance.
Look at the picture on Twitter.
Look at the picture on Twitter.
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Fans were quick to make jokes about Ramos’ penchant to receive a red card during games due to his aggressive behavior on the field, which was also a source of humor for fans. A supporter wrote:

“He will find a way to get a red card” @SamueIDavid8 @dannyseguratv “He’ll find a way to get a red card” He will figure out a method to receive a red card number three.

Another supporter mentioned that:

Since Sergio Ramos enjoys causing injury to others, he ought to spend some time confined, as the saying goes. [translate through Google]
Julio Padron
Julio Padron @Jcpc80 @dannyseguratv Sergio Ramos se debería meter un rato en la jaula, ya que le encanta quebrar gente…
2 Fans have voiced their delight for the footballing star’s appearance and have requested that a UFC event take place in Spain in the near future.

Dr Grace
Dr Grace @ezioauditoresss @dannyseguratv Niceee

“wow” Pablo Pablo @pabpetru @dannyseguratv wow “#UFCEspaña pronto. Barcelona [round pushpin emoji]”
Mohamad Touray Mohamad Touray @MohamadTouray @dannyseguratv #UFCEspaña pronto. Barcelona 📍 1

One fan made a sarcastic inquiry as to whether or not Gerard Pique, who was Sergio Ramos’ longtime teammate in the backline for the national team and who competed against FC Barcelona, would be attending.

“Are you going to have the real goat there?”
Obezecaat @Dobbie008 @dannyseguratv Are you going to have the real goat there?
11 MMA fans have expressed their excitement about the impact that Ramos’ visit in support of Ilia Topuria will have on audiences in Spain that watch MMA.

Sergio Ramos’ appearance at Ilia Topuria vs. Josh Emmett tipped to draw in Spanish fans

Sergio Ramos is an athlete who is known all over the world, and it is anticipated that the appearance of Sergio Ramos at the UFC Jacksonville event would bring in a fresh wave of fans, particularly from Spain.

Luke Thomas, a journalist, spoke on Twitter about the enormous social media following that Ramos had and how Ilia Topuria stands to benefit from it if he is successful against Josh Emmett. Topuria’s opponent in that match is Josh Emmett.

For those in the United States who are curious about how popular Sergio Ramos is, he has 59 million followers on Instagram. To put that into perspective, NFL standout Patrick Mahomes has fewer than ten percent of that total on the same site. In any case, a victory for Topuria at this point would indicate the company is on the cusp of realizing its full potential in Spain.

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