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Fans react with “respect to him for stepping up” as Oscar De La Hoya mentions the possibility of a future role. A confrontation between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney


Fans of boxing took to various social media platforms to express their reactions to the news that Oscar De La Hoya has recently announced that a fight between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney is now in the works.

Garcia recently got back to winning ways after suffering a defeat at the hands of Gervonta Davis in the epic match that took place in April of last year. In the month of December 2023, he competed against Oscar Duarte and ended the fight in a spectacular manner by knocking him out in the eighth round after a dominant performance.

When it comes to Haney, the 25-year-old recently won a unanimous decision victory over Regis Prograis, which allowed him to become a world champion in two different weight classes. Because to his victory, Haney was able to extend his record of not losing to 31-0, and ESPN currently considers him to be the best active lightweight fighter in the world.

Using information provided by boxing journalist Michael Benson, De La Hoya implied that a fight between Garcia and Haney would take place in the near future. It was him who said:

The next fight that we want to make is with that… In my opinion, the conflict can be simply fought over.”

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There has been a lot of discussion among boxing fans on X (which was formerly known as Twitter) about the possibility of a fight between Garcia and Garcia. One of these fans stated that they were impressed to see Garcia step up and take on a challenge. This is what they wrote:

“Respect to Ryan for stepping up and not ducking super fights like Tank…”

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According to the opinion of yet another supporter, Garcia is not prepared to compete in the fight, as they stated:

“Ryan is popular but his skill level is nowhere near Haney’s at this point in time, easy win for Devin, this is not the amateurs.”

Garcia may be outmatched in terms of skill, according to the comments of another user, despite the fact that the fight is certain to be financially successful:

The battle will be profitable. They are outboxed by Haney!
On the other hand, @GmaneBoxing disregarded the fight and stated when they did so:

Ryan Garcia publicly turns down champion’s title offer

The fact that ‘The Flash’ declined a fight against Rolando Romero is not surprising, considering the fact that Ryan Garcia is rumored to be in the process of preparing to face Devin Haney.

Romero recently issued a challenge to Garcia with the intention of securing a fight and making it “the biggest PPV” of 2024. He did this by posting the challenge on X, which was formerly known as Twitter. Tweeted by him:

I’ve been away from boxing for a sufficient amount of time. It is time to create the most successful pay-per-view event of 2024. To quote Ryan Garcia: “Let’s give the fans what they want, they’ve been begging for this for years. #RomeroGarcia”

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To which Garcia replied:

Please accept my apologies, Rollies; you and your colleagues work at a pace that is way too slow, and you were way too indecisive. It wasn’t clear to me whether you wanted to go on vacation or box. Please accept that I am now engaged in talks with Devin Haney. I am not considering anything at this time. Thank you”

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