Fans react to Ian Garry and Geoff Neal reuniting in the fighter hotel following their disagreements that led to UFC 298. “Neal is soft for that,” fans say.

In the fighter hotel, Ian Garry and Geoff Neal ran into each other before their highly awaited fight at the welterweight division to take place at UFC 298, which was.

‘Handz of Steel’ was interacting with Garry while he was holding his son in his arms.

On his Instagram account, “The Future” shared a video clip of the two of them interacting with one another.

Take a look at it this way:

The clip captured the attention of a number of mixed martial arts (MMA) enthusiasts, who then proceeded to the comments area to express their opinions regarding it.

One individual voiced their disapproval of Neal’s response and brought out the particular instance in which Garry wore a T-shirt that had the mugshot of the ‘Handz of Steel’.

“Because of that, Neal is tender. Putting your mugshot on a t-shirt is the most disrespectful thing you could ever do!

Another someone defended the 33-year-old, stating that Neal did the appropriate thing because ‘The Future’ was accompanied by his son. This individual said that Neal got it right.

Those who are claiming that Geoff is a weakling, I ask you this: what kind of a gentleman would verbally or physically assault another man while he is holding his child? Particularly considering that you are going to get compensated to fight him in a few days? Are any of you genuinely giving any thought to the nonsense that you say?
With the intention of avoiding any kind of altercation, one MMA fan accused Garry of using his child as a shield.

“Ian walking around using his kid as armor is so fu**ing weak.”
One of the users lauded ‘The Future’, stating that it was a “genius” on his behalf to carry his youngster around the hotel.

“Genius really, everyone on the roster wants to hurt you so just carry a cute baby around with you as a protection spell.”

Geoff Neal speaks about his upcoming clash against Ian Garry at UFC 298

Geoff Neal has provided his forecast for the forthcoming fight between Ian Garry and himself, which will take place at UFC 298. ‘Handz of Steel’ recently gave an interview to James Lynch for Fanatics View, in which he projected that he will win the fight against ‘The Future’ by way of a stoppage in the second or third round of the battle.

During the second round, I get the feeling that I am going to knock him out. The second round, and possibly the beginning of the third round.”

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