Fans have a variety of responses to the former model who called Dillon Danis a “shrimp d**k” for his attack on Nina Agdal. “You’ve got to hide,” she said.

The tense argument that has been going on between Bellator welterweight Dillon Danis, Logan Paul, and Logan’s fiancee Nina Agdal is not quite resolved.

In the days leading up to their fight on October 14, Danis constantly pursued Agdal for the sake of promotion. A model and actress from the United States criticized Danis in his private messages nearly a week after the incident for his assaults on the Danish model who had been involved in the brawl.

A scathing text message of criticism came from Sarah Dumont to Danis.

“Nina is a nice young lady, and she is in no way, shape, or form a piece of trash. That video of Nina is plainly a film between lady friends JOKING around since she just got out of a relationship you fg fool, and the video was taken shortly after she ended the relationship. Your own following wasn’t big enough before you started this farce (at Nina’s expense) to make you feel better about your weak shrimp d*k, and it’s clear that all you want to do is ride on the coattails of Logan’s clout in order to boost your own credibility.
Before their argument, Danis exchanged many texts with Dumont, and he later shared a screenshot of those texts online. The post received responses from followers on X (which was formerly known as Twitter).

“Logan is here Dillon, you’ve got to hide” “Dillon all the way”

“Keyboard warrior at he’s finest”
Fans have also described Dumont’s texts as an effort to attract attention to himself.

Dillon Danis wants to go to the UFC next

Because of his lack of engagement in mixed martial arts, Dillon Danis has received a lot of criticism recently.

At Bellator 222 in 2019, Danis won his most recent professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fight via submission over Max Humphrey. Even though this is only his second professional fight, he has already been criticized by fans on multiple times for the fact that he does not fight more frequently.

Danis was able to make his goals crystal clear after losing the Prime card competition to Logan Paul. He stated that the next step for him would be to sign with the UFC. He made a post on X, which was formally known as Twitter.

“UFC next.”

Have a look at the following tweet from him:

Expansion of a Tweet

“El Jefe” is currently under contract with Bellator and has given a workaround to remain with the promotion in the event that he is pitted against Jake Paul. It was written that

Bellator has been acquired by PFL. If they schedule me against Jake Paul, then I’ll consider staying, but if not, I’m heading to the UFC.”

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