Fans feel the strength of Liam Harrison’s amazing left hook, which they refer to as the “best sleeping aid out there.”

This week on Instagram, Liam Harrison stunned his audience with a devastating left hook, leaving them in a state of amazement as a result.

In newly revealed training film, Harrison, a former multiple-time Muay Thai world champion, can be seen working up a sweat as he prepares for a probable Muay Thai battle to take place during this coming season. Harrison’s footage was uploaded on YouTube.

In the video, Harrison practiced his strikes with his trainer, defending blows and executing the concussive left hook that he is best famous for. Harrison displayed an extraordinary level of attention and precision throughout the whole process.

The character known as ‘Hitman’ gave an excellent description of the setting in the comment that he posted on Instagram to go along with the image below:

“First one for free…second one the snooze button gets hit #muaythai #padwork @andybadco1,” tweeted “First one for free…second one the snooze button gets hit.”

Fans of Harrison were so in agreement with the striker’s appraisal of the potency of his left hook that they eventually gathered to offer their reactions:

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It appears as though Liam Harrison has been rejuvenated, is in good health, and is more driven than ever to return to the stage.

In the first round of his world title clash with former ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world champion Nong-O Hama in August of last year, he sadly sustained a significant knee injury that had kept him out of action for the majority of this year. This injury had prohibited him from competing.

However, after months of physical therapy, the British celebrity is now beginning to feel back to normal. Harrison has said that he will be 100% ready to continue his trajectory to another world championship challenge by the time ONE Championship schedules his next appearance. Harrison is currently undefeated in his professional MMA career.

Stay up to speed with Sportskeeda MMA for any further information on Liam Harrison’s upcoming fight.

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